Boo! I scared you! Welcome to the Haunted Mansion...I mean, ICGI's Freakshow! Thank you for joining us! Today, we have news about games, comfirmed AND new! There is only one rule here: No putting the ropes over your necks! Now, without further ado, let us...BEGIN!!!

Pokemon Mirror And Illusion Versions

Yep, more news on ICGI's new Pokemon games. We have great news, so let's start with our four new comfirmed Pokemon!

Koolacub: The Small Koala Pokemon. When in danger, it uses it's claws to climb up trees, and hide in the leaves.

Kroalbear: The Strong Koala Pokemon. Despite it's strengh, Kroalbear is actually kind-hearted, but can only be angered by taking it's bamboo it holds.

Valatee: The Small Angel Pokemon. When it's raining, Valatee uses magic to make a rainbow appear after the rain is done.

Godressity: The Goddess Pokemon. It is said that when two people get in a grudge, Godressity uses her power to make them friends again.

We've also comfirmed your new characters names: Isaac, Rick, Adlee, and Miranda. Why two of each gender you may ask? Well, your gender depends on the rival you get. So if you pick Isaac, Rick is your rival, and vice versa. Same with Adlee and Miranda.

That's all we have for Pokemon Mirror And Illusion Versions! Until then, see you later!

AFTER Banjo-Kazooie

Coming soon!

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