there's your freakin' scares, now take some candy, read these new games i've made, and get of my lawn

Unnamed spoopy adventure with a keyboard

So, this game is a new idea I had with the MODU, something I think couldn't be done conventionally. Basically, it's a game where you wake up in a strange floating featureless cube with a laptop. With this laptop, you can chat with 15+ different 'people', with AI programmed to react to things you type accordingly by piecing together what you typed, looking for keywords, and responding with their own personality and things to say. One such character is Klii, a cheerful girl who got dragged into a similar situation and will try to help you, although she's easily distracted by the other people, and wants to make friends. So yeah.


An Unwrapped Murder

In the city of Jartropolis... the sweetness fades with every passing day. No case can be left unsolved, or fragments continue... I'm Joe Caramel, and I'm a lollipop investigator.

An Unwrapped Murder is a MODU game with no Modus, but rather an isometric puzzling adventure about Joe Caramel, top lollipop Investigator, as he unwraps the murder of actress superstar, Bluetta Raspberry. Along the way you'll meet colorful characters like the spunky fanboy Phillip Greenappples, bartender at the Crunched Candy, Rodger Rootbeer, and several other lollipops who may help you solve the case and stop the murderer. You can travel through a huge sprawling city (Jartropolis), do sidequests for credits, and unwrap a huge mystery which could help Joe come to terms with his strange past.


Manifestown is going to be a happy little game about building a medieval town full of quirky characters of all sorts, various services for each citizen, and a happy community. A happy community defended from paladins by manifestations of illness, heartbreak, paranoia, and various other negative emotions, all lead by you, the player, who is being lead by It, the demonic being metaphysically inhabiting the entire town.

I had this idea while reading about a game I had once played- the Final Fantasy game, 'My Life as a King', and I thought 'yo wiggity homes i need to make a game about building towns' and from there I had the strange idea to center the game around demons. You'll be able to place buildings like houses, bakeries, barracks, and more, but every once in a while pesky Paladins show up trying to purge the people of your town. Thus, you'll have to influence negative emotions in your town to allow It to create Manifests, giant beasts that guard your fair city from the evils of stuff like 'freedom from unknowing oppression' or 'the knowledge needed to function in a non-demonic city'. The game works with the Tablet Modu to let you build your kingdom with ease. Hope you like it.

Immerse MODU

So I'm back with some more Immerse MODU news, but not a whole lot. First off, no Mario game yet. Probably not ever, because I want to make something that isn't just "New Super 3D Mario 3D Land World Sunshine 2!", but rather kinda unique, and I have no ideas on a good thing to add to Mario yet. Secondly, the Immerse Go is going to be discontinued, in favor of a Portable Modu, which attaches a DS-like hinge and top screen to the Tablet Modu on your controller. With this, you can take any MODU game on the go! Finally, it'll launch June 19th, 2016.

More info on the MODU like several new titles, new Modus, and more will be revealed at the Winter Showcase in what is roughly a month and a half now.

Pokémon: Lumiose Detectives [WARNING: post-game XY spoilers inbound!]

I don't have much planned for this one, but I'm working on a Pokémon spinoff taking place after X and Y- Pokémon: Lumiose Detectives. Inspired by the Looker missions in Lumiose City, you can play as the newest recruit of the Looker Bureau, now lead by Emma. You'll have to solve puzzles, crack cases, and find out the mysteries of Lumiose City! Around every turn is a new mystery waiting to be solved, and a villain who must be stopped!


In the year of 2021, the world was swept up in a global trend- AdvanPlas, the advanced plastic model. These unique creations with an unknown potential were companions to some, and strong fighters to others. People around the world were building these kits, and with the power of a Drive, they could move around on their own. In 2026, the Type 2 AdvanPlas were released by the AdvanPla Industries company, with the power of Chips to give them a mind of their own.

The year is now 2029, and Type 3 AdvanPlas are in a testing phase. In the small town of Builen, Tokyo, four experimental Type 3s arrive- The ACE (Ascended Connect Equality) AdvanPlas, built to feel human emotion. In an ordinary town, such a thing is unheard of. Things were always ordinary in Builen, but the secret of the ACE AdvanPlas is beyond that.

<AdvanPlas: ACE>

In a dark void, the wreckage of a ship floats. As one of them passes by, a white glow appears. However, around it, several pairs of glowing white eyes appear around the original glow. A gravelly, ancient-sounding voice speaks as one of the pairs of eyes drifts towards the glow.

"So... the mortal world has discovered our domain. It seems defense is necessary at this point, but as soon as they step foot in our world... the mortals die.", it says as the shape of its body is revealed in a silhouette. Its clawed hands floating freely, its quilled legs without feet, and its levitating head with a long, long spikes protruding from the back. The being's head turns to the camera, a huge, toothy smile revealed.

VOLT: Astral

2 0 1 7


So. AdvanPlas ACE.

I recently purchased a charming game called Fire Emblem Awakening and it's made me want to create a strategy game. In addition, Toonami recently started airing Japan's strongest visually transferred drug an odd anime named FLCL, and while most of the first episode was completely freakin' nuts, there was an air of simple charm before the long chain of weird events. I wanted to make something like that- something in an ordinary place, where several extraordinary things begin to happen.

AdvanPlas ACE is the story of four teenagers in the small town of Builen, a remote town in Japan who's only remarkable feature is the AdvanPla Industries headquarters, a giant skyscraper in the center of the town casting a shadow over the entire area. However, with the Type 3 line of AdvanPlas being hyped up, each of the characters has a driving story.

While you gain the trust (and AdvanPlas) of the four main characters in the first chapter, you begin the game playing as Diam, a 14 year old with a love of building AdvanPlas. When he receives the Model ♦, he sees it as just another kit, but quickly discovers it holds within its pieces a strange energy that prevents it from being disassembled. In addition, its unique ♦ Chip isn't a preset personality, but rather an individual mind. Diam seeks to discover what makes the ACE AdvanPlas so special, and in his adventures he'll meet three allies- each with their own ACEs, and each with their own life to live, and their own reasons to join together.

In this game, you'll see four lives, all bound together by something beyond them, and tied to the mystery of the ACE AdvanPlas. Each of them with their reasons to solve that mystery, each with their lives in the little town of Builen. What happens as they unravel the enigma of the AdvanPlas will affect their lives, their relationships, and how they see themselves forever.