Hey guys, Mixxmasta here. Now, I am not the biggest halloween fan (My parents didn't want me to get involved in it, and I agree) but here are some games coming up from the stormiest Fantendo company. (Get the joke?)#

I'm showing off new series starters like Dark Hours, Tyler Drake & The Destiny Device and Pixel Retro Hero, (Three games which have agonising to delay) the rest of Mega Man Legacy, new DLC for Mega Man: Two Squadrons, the debut of my company's mascot, Mixx, in Mixx's Legend and a secret game. Well, lets show you the games.

Mixxmasta EX

Dark Hours

The world are at its darkest hours, so what are you going to do?

Dark Hours is a 2D Platformer with a lot of action. Your job is to destory all of the Darkcreed, as they are wrecking the world. The game has a lot of dark moments in the game, fitting it in with Fantendo Freakshow. Stay tuned for tomorrow for more updates on this... ummm... dark game?

Day 2: Main characters are Jay Lunair & Kyla Moonside. World 1 revealed, being Entraria. Two other worlds seen, a jungle and a mountain. Gameplay seen as 2D Action-Platformer game.

Day 3: Jungle world is named Tropia and Mountain world is named Pekian. The other worlds are a desert named Dunial, a snowy area named Driftia, a laboratory named Elention and a lava area named Blaxizen. The boss for Entraria is seen.

Other news: TBA

Tyler Drake & The Destiny Device

A lot of mysteries lead to a special machine, so what is it being used for?

Tyler Drake & The Destiny Device (Which I am going to refer from now on as Destiny Device) is a puzzle game which you have over 50 cases to solve. You will need to use your brains to figure out this game. Inrtiguing characters, great storytelling and other great stuff you might expect.

Day 2: Other main characters, apart from Tyler Drake, are seen, being Celia Mapleside and Jude Blaze. Cases are seen, such as "A Widow's Problem" and "The Fake Pheonix".

Day 3: Over 250 puzzles are in this game! Character personalities are revealed. Tyler is a detective who owns the Gold Trio Detective Agency. He is kindhearted and filled with justice. Celia is the Head of Technological Gadgets section of the Gold Trio Detective Agency. She is smart and calm, but full of affection. Jude is Tyler's assistant. He is calculative and solitary, but can be a vital asset to the trio.

Other news: TBA

Pixel Retro Hero

A return to your classic box shaped console or your grey brick, but with modern consoles!

Pixel Retro Hero contains a beep-bop soundtrack like your standard great chiptune hits like Mega Man 2's Wily Castle theme, Vampire Killer from Castlevania and your own favourite. 8-bit visuals, and great characters. And in the end, who doesn't like old-school games?

Day 2: 10 characters are confirmed, though 8 of them are unlockable. World 1, Grassland, is seen, along side a desert, an island and a ice world. The two unlocked characters are Eight B.I.T. and Chip Tun.

Day 3: The other 8 characters are confirmed. El Pix, Schem Colore, Oled Skool, Ret Roll, Class Nick, Draco Gon, Sid E. Scrolr and Word Pass!

Other news: World 2 is Desert, World 3 is Islands and World 4 is Glacier. Eight B.I.T. is your average platform character, Chip Tun can has a higher jump than Eight, El Pix has a somersault suplex attack, Schem Colore is faster but has worse traction, Oled Skool can dash like X from Mega Man X, Ret Roll has a rolling attack, Class Nick has a ranged attack, Draco Gon can temporarily hover, Sid E. Scrolr can double jump and Word Pass doesn't slip on ice.

Mega Man Legacy

A new series of Mega Man, this time with a new hope.

Mega Man Legacy is set in 25XX, as the last humans are being destroyed. The humans decide to make their own robots, Twister, Alpha and Emerald, all programmed to defeat the evil robots. The humans are then killed, but the human's robots manage to survive. Eight antagonistic robots, three protagonistic robots, one world.

Day 2: Two new bosses, being Ice Pegasus and Electric Dragonfly. Previously confirmed powers like Down Slash, Chrono Teleport and Stalactite Fang are seen in action. Twister revealed to be made of parts from Crash Man, Cut Man and Mega Man! Alpha confirmed to be a melee fighter like Zero.

Day 3: Alpha confirmed to be made of parts from Pluto (Mega Man V), Zero and Ballade! Emerald confirmed not to be made out of any old parts. The final three bosses are seen. Hurricane Hawk, Slice Mantis and Shield Komodo.

Other news: Freeze Glacier (Ice Pegasus' Move you get) and Thunder Rise (Electric Dragonfly's Move you get) are seen, along side Hurricane Launch (Hurricane Hawk's Move you get), Slice Cutter (Slice Mantis' Move you get) and Projectile Shield (Shield Komodo's Move you get).

Mixx's Legend

Mixx and his friend Skitz are ready to take on the evils of the world!

Mixx's Legend is a 3D Platformer with two playable characters, and like Sonic Unleashed, it is set all over the world. Seatown Streets, Colosseum Carnage and more! Set in UK, USA, Italy, France, South Africa and more! Mixx uses the Tempest Blade as his weapon. Skitz uses the Skitty Tail Sword as his weapon. And both of them have summoning powers. Stay tuned for new updates.

Day 2: Summoning Powers confirmed are Royal Dragon, Quad-Element & EX Armor. Seatown Streets is set in UK, Perilous Plains in USA, Colosseum Carnage in Italy & Tower Trouble in France.

Day 3: South Africa's Dusty Dunes level is seen, as well as Brazil's Rainforest Ride, Greece's Ancient Archipelago and Japan's Neon Nightdash.

Other news: TBA

Mega Man: Two Squadrons DLC

This is only DLC for Mega Man: Two Squadrons, which two sets are coming out soon, the MM2 Robot Masters and the Mega Man Killers. Have fun with them!

Day 2: Along their original powers, Metal Man has a double jump, Flash Man has a Flash Shot, Heat Man has can do a fire dash, Wood Man can make leaves fall from the sky, Crash Man can jump higher, Bubble Man can swim under water but not move in it, Air Man is floatier and Quick Man is faster than any other character.

The last day's secret. Enter if you dare!

Metroid goes back to 2D!

Yes, the secret is a new Metroid game, being Metroid Alone. After your ship takes a direct hit from a Space Pirate attack, you are stranded on the unexplored world, Reliont. Your ship is on the far corners of the planet. Its up to you to find the pieces. Two new beams and one new suit, this new Metroid adventure will be amazing!

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