Trick & Treet Pokemon Wisdom and Knowledge

Trick & Treet is in, in essence, your typical party game. It seens the 6 main characters, 4 at a time, in a race around the board, jumping through spaces and collecting Treets. There are plenty of types of spaces, but the most important are Trick & Treet Spaces, where all 4 players are tossed into a mini game. However, unlike the normal mini game at the end of each turn, only the player who landed on the space can earn candies and penny. This means that rather than try to win themselves, the 3 other players must cooperate to stop the single player.

Another type of space is the Spook Space, where the board's special monster appears and gives the player a challenge; get a certain amount of Treets in 3 rounds, move a large amount of space son a board, or beat a mini game, and he will give you extra Treets; but fail, and you could lose some candy in a Spook Event. However, anything could happen; you could even gain candy!

One mechanic in the game are the Meemos, little blue people who roam around the boards, collecting candy. While at first strictly aesthetic, the player who wins a game will start to influence them. They might start to wear the winner's costume, or follow his path. The influenced ones are called Fans, and for every 50 fans a player has, their candy will each round will get a 1.5% multiplier. However, fans might dissipate if you lose.

There are many news features in this game, such as new abilities which practically allow the Pokemon to have a third type, giving them the same type weakness, resistances and STAB. The four currently known abilities of this type are known as Winged (Flying), Tech, Sound, and Hero. The last three are actually a new thing; this gen actually adds 3 unofficial types, of the same name as their ability. Some Normal (and a handful of other typed) moves will now change to said type when used by a Pokemon with that abilities. So, for example, if a Pokemon with Sound uses Outrage it will change from Dragon-type to Sound-type.

The other one, Winged, will be the same as having a third, Flying-type. This is useful because a lot of Pokemon have designs with wings when they already have a good dual-typed combination, forcing one of them out for Flying. With this, the Pokemon can have three types. Levitate will still be present, although some Pokemon will change abilities or even types to accommodate this new feature.

The last ability-related news is a major change in the system itself. Whereas before Pokemon could only have one type, they can now have their primary ability and either their second or hidden ability. Primary abilities will be for important abilities for the species that would be wrong for it not to have. This also allows more flexible design.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that a new ability, Poison Sacs, has been confirmed. This will be like Winged but with the Poison type instead. A new Pokemon, called Velertola, has been announced, and will have a move called Growth, which will change the opponent's primary ability to Poison Sac. However, it appears that Velertola itself is poison, so the strategy involved is not known at the moment.

Some other new Pokemon were also announced. Among them were the pair Strata and Soduto, which apparently can combine together, with Strata holding Soduto, mixing their Fairy and Rock types into Fairy-Rock. Sodotu's primary ability Helping Hold and Strata's secondary ability Winged will also carry over.

Finally, a small blue Flying type bird Pokemon was revealed, but the only information released was that it is the regions traditional new bird Pokemon and that it's second evolution would be untraditionally split-pathed, with each having different types.

UPDATE: Shortly after the previous info was released, Nintendo revealed a new Fairy-type move, Pixie Powder. It will change the affected Pokemon's primary ability to Levitate. Next it showed that Strata's ability Helping Hold would allow it to hold many Pokemon, and that it's exclusive move Toss would only be able to be used when collaborating.

UPDATE: Another new Pokemon has been released, the Fat Frog Pokemon Totola. He is Grass and Water type and will have Poison Sac as an ability. It is assumed that his large belly may really be his sac.

UPDATE: New Pokemon have been revealed, the mascot legendaries. They will be based off of wildfire and hurricanes, being Fire/Grass and Water/Rock types. They will have an ability named Windy, which is another new type ability.

Pokemon Berry Farm

This game is planned to have a lot of different activities. The main activity is Berry farming, which is as it sounds; plant a Berry in the Berry Pots and, previded that they have been watered and you give them enough time, they will grow into a healthy Berry Vine. This vine can be harvested, giving you between 3 and 8 Berries. Some Berries are Berry Seeds, which can be planted outside to turn into Trees, which give less berries but can be harvested over and over again. Berry Seeds can be found normally or Berrie can be turned into them by using the Transberryifier in the Lab.

The game takes place on an island just off the coast of Lonio called Hoppis Isle. There are many locations on this island; the Bunks, where the player and all of the workers on the island live and sleep, the Hub, a big hut in the middle of the island where the Greenhouse is, the beforementioned Greenhouse where Berries are planted. Right outside is the Sanctuary where Pokemon live and Berry Seeds can be planted. The Docks are where you can sell Berries for Poke or you can ship Berries and Pokemon off to Lonio; doing so allows the player to get the Berries and Pokemon in their copy of Pokemon Wisdom and Knowledge.

Not only can Berries be farmed; no, at the edge of the isle lives Kurt, among a big forest of Apricorn trees. You can plant and mutate any Apricorns you have here, and they will grow into trees! Then Kurt will turn them into Pokeballs for you.