Hello everyone, my name is RedNocturneofFlame (tbc) and I'm going to show you some projects that I'm excited to work on. Yeah that's it :I.

Untitled Halloween-themed fanfic

The first project I'm going to reveal is a fan-fic that has a halloween theme into it, although there are a few different theme as well. The main protagonist is named Autumn de Hallow, the heir of the de Hallow family. Autumn is a confident, smart teenage Pumpkin Ghoul (a humanoid species in her world) girl who is very optimistic who doesn't really care about being the heir of a wealthy family as she wants to live her life like an average resident of her town. She then finds a glowing wisp that projects a teenage human boy's voice. Autumn communicates with the wisp who calls himself "Danny", thinking it's her guardian spirit, but it turns out that the male teenager is from the "Human World", and this was revealed when Danny's face was projected from the wisp (it also turns out that Danny is using a voice-over IP).

This experience fascinated Autumn, and after a few more conversations, Autumn develops a liking for him, along with Danny. Autumn then decides to find a way to meet Danny face-to-face along with her friends, although there are a few people in her world who would do anything to stop her form meeting a human. This fan-fic will feature action, adventure, romance, mystery, and supernatural elements, so any of those who enjoy these types of genres will probably enjoy this fan-fic I'm working. I hope you'll look at this fan-fic I'm making one and a while.

Phantasy Photo
Returning for another presentation is Phantasy Photo, this time with a few changes.

First of all, May's battle system is different. May can capture photos of certain objects during the day and use them for battle. For example, if May takes a photo of a broom, you're able to use a broom as weapon. The system has limits though, and some photos won't operate for certain reasons. This is pretty much all I wanted to reveal and I know this was short, but I'm thinking of some ideas at the moment, so you may see some news very soon.

Ace Authorities: Chronologic Chaos
Another new original series I'm introducing is a game called Ace Authorities: Chronologic Chaos.

Here's a simplistic way to tell the plot: The game's world is around the year 2014, and the technology is extremely advanced in their time. You get to pick and play as two college students, one of them is male and one of them is female. Their is a malicious group that is trying to boggle up time so they can be known as overlords and rule the world. It is up to the college students to cuff up the prisoners, although it's not going to be easy as the organization is known for being the "Masters of Disguise". The game is like the Metal Gear and Ape Escape games. Your main objective is two cuff a certain amount of organization members in order to complete the level. There are different types of organization members that have different tactics, so there is a ton of strategy in this game. This is really all I'm going to reveal for this project, but uoy will see a bitof info when I make the main page.

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