Fantendo Freakshow is an upcoming Halloween-themed convention, hosted by Fantendo, and created by Osaka and Pablo. The expo is taking place from 25 October to 31 October.

Company Presenting
X-Scissor Curse, something to do with S.M.
Icy Cold Gaming Industries Multiverse Umbrella, AFTER Banjo-Kazooie, Luigi's Mansion HD, PROGRAMMED, Halloween Hijinx, and a surprise
Brock Productions Trick & Treet, Pokemon Wisdom and Knowledge
Fantasize Studios Unnamed "spoopy" adventure with keyboard Modu, more Immerse MODU news, Manifestown, An Unwrapped Murder, and Pokémon: Lumiose Detectives
Locked Gaming Who Turn Off The Lights?, Dat Spoopy Party, Detective Conan, The Mighty Pumpkin and Smash Bros. Lawl.
Zentech Studios Find out through these codes!
SuyoGames Toten, Smash Bros Game, other stuff
Midnight Pulse Studios A topdown shooter
Overclocked Peira and Sheyna, Fighters of Lapis 5
Gearworks Gaming TBA
Iceboys12co. Calypso-Sphere, Survivors of Revenge, Altered Beast: Revenge-Hunters and Avenge-Hunters, Ricko, Ze to the Ghouls, Heaven of Seven
EagleizeGaming New spooky developments in copper/plastic/bakelite technology, new spooky grayish-orange portable, spooky stories on DAT tapes, and a bunch of new games
Golden Ring, Inc. 3 new games, a new gaming system, a DLC pack, and a surprise
Sactown Studios Celebrity Deathmatch 2, Cartoon All-Star Rumble, Hetalia Puzzle League, My Little Pony: Puzzle-Solving is Magic, and several other suprises
Electric Enterprises Quest of the Ninja, Super Smash Bros. Rampage, Mario Party Delux, unknown Animal Crossing game, Fantendo: Legends United, possible game involving users, and possible crossover with T'SG.
Happy TV Company 2 new super smash bros shows, an unknown Total Drama Fanfic and possible crossover with Object Galaxy and Fantendo characters.
Kobe's Fantastic Games Creature Wars 1, Creature Wars 2: The Revenge Of The Tecnician Devils, Super Creature Wars, Creature Wars: Drawn Together, Angry Professinal Characters Adventures, Angry Professinal Characters Seasons and Angry Professinal Characters Cartoons
Green Giraffe Studios Krush the I-Beam, Leafy McSkirmish, George of the Purple Bananas, Trifall, Sunblu Supercomputer, and more.
LOL.pc Draw It! 2, LOL.pc The Game 4, LOL.pc Ultra
Fritez Franchise Pokémon Labrinth, Super Mario Land 3DS and Super Smash Bros. Blitz
Bomb Productions Games One Tentatively-Titled SPOOKY Thing for Sure!!
Cyclone Games Dark Hours, Tyler Drake & The Destiny Device, Mega Man Legacy, New Mega Man: Two Squadrons DLC, Pixel Retro Hero, Mixx's Legend. And one secret revealed on the final day!
Blecki Hearts Productions Phantasy Photo, The Secret Continent, and many other games.
Sactown Studios Celebrity Deathmatch 2Cartoon All-Star RumbleMy Little Pony: Puzzle Solving is MagicHetalia Puzzle LeagueCelebrity DeathmatchTracks Ahead!
Green Giraffe Studios, Sunblu Software Krush the I-Beam, Leafy McSkirmish, George of the Purple Bananas, Trifall, Sunblu Supercomputer, Fairy Well

Projects Shown