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Fantendo Fray is a Fantendo fighting game produced by Fritez Co., co-produced by Electric Enterprises , made for the 3DS and DS. It includes many characters from Fantendo such as McBoo, Unten, Swiss, Ella Metals, Wheelzen and other unique characters each with thier own attacks. The game's gameplay is much like the popular Super Smash Bros. Series.
Developer(s) Fritez Co. Logo Pika Productions Logo- 10BK
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) DS 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan December 3, 2012
25px-Flag of USA December 16, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe December 30, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia March 4, 2012
Age Rating(s)
Esrb-teen-logo-lrg12RatingBBFC 12OFLC PGCERO C
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Fantendo Fray


Fantendo Fray is a fighting game where the player must get as many K.O points as possible in a battle. But before battling the player must choose a character, each character has advantages and disadvantages for example Wheelzen has low power and shielding but has good speed and jumping, all characters have four kinds of standard attacks: standing attacks, (used while standing or walking) dash attacks, (used while dashing) aerial attacks, (used in the air) and Fury attacks (charged-up stronger attacks) that can be combined with the control pad to hit differently. There is nothing truly significant in these attacks, mostly punches and kicks.

Each character also has four signature attacks (three used by combining control-pad buttons) that only they can use like Magic Kick, a magical kick that can only be used by Unten, or Pushoshield, a shield that blocks most attacks and deflects projectiles, which only Pesh can use. Then the stage where the battle will take place is picked. Each stage has gimmicks (or not) like New Wheel City with many buildings and hazards. When the stage is picked the battle begins. To get a K.O the opponents much rid all of the foes health points to get a K.O (when K.O'd you will be instantly revived). If the player/opposing characters falls off the stage then half health points are taken away. Whoever has the most K.O points at the end of the round wins.




Elblem Image Name Series Description Signature Moveset
UntenFF Unten TOSWLUNTDNWR Unten the brave Beorn and possibly last of his kind rolls into the fray! With good stats and a nice useful set of attacks may win him battles with ease. He suits any player such as beginners, veterans and experts!

Standard Signature:Bearon Ball

Side Signature:Super Punch

Up Signature:Magic Kick

Down Signature:Magic Sweep

Finishing Fray:Fissure

McQBooFF McBoo McBoo

He may look scary but McBoo is actually a nice guy. But not when fighting! McBoo may be light and have slightly weak attacks his great skill makes up for it! He's highly recommended for veterans due to his weak physical attacks but his tricky moves.

Standard Signature:Boo Bomb

Side Signature:Boo Split

Up Signature:Boo Balloon

Down Signature:Scare

Finishing Fray:Boo Rocket

Pusher'sPileElblem Pesh Pusher's Pile Pesh the great knight of Pushopolis rolls into the fray with some strong moves and some awesome skills! Pesh's attacks are fast and furious but Pesh's stats have a above average below average stats making him hard to control so he is best recommended for beginners.

Standard Signature:Pushy Push

Side Signature:PushoShield

Up Signature:Standard Stomp

Down Signature:Lucky Charm

Finishing Fray:Pushy Rampage

EllaMetalsFF Ella Metals Ella Metals A human girl that can use metal to solve many problems and to solve deep problems and crime! Ella has some good attacks most to do with metal. Ella has nice balanced stats making her good for beginners due to her easy control.

Standard Signature:Iron Headbonk

Side Signature:Metal Scrap

Up Signature:Metwister

Down Signature:Heavy Metal

Finishing Fray:Metal Madness


Elblem Image Name Series Description
UniversalColleseam Universal Colosseum ---

An extreamly basic stage taking place on a flat very wide platform in the majestic cosmos of space. Nothing more to say to the stages basic style.

PeacefulPlains Peaceful Plains TOSWLUNTDNWR

Though it is slightly basic and has no gimmicks peaceful plains has many hills including in the battlefield not just the background. It also has a few platforms.

McBoo's Mansion McBoo A wrecked old mansion that may crumble up and fall but reassemble with ease. McBoo's mansion also has boos hiding and attacking players. McBoo's Mansion has many gimmicks and is an exciting place to battle.
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