Freaky VS Moose was a contender for match of the season. It was broadcast on the Steli Channel. It was played at the Freaky Colosseum.


Moose FC were eager to win the double over Team Freaky after winning two one at Moosefield, but can they do the same at Freaky Colosseum.






Team Freaky Kick-Off.


'08 - DeLanie Peterson shoots after a great passing streak, it is tapped wide.

'15 - GOAL Sonic Passes To Mario, who passes back to Sonic who passes to Akro Bat who can passes back to Sonic to head it in. 1-0.

'19 - Yellow Card for Akro bat after tackling DeLanie Peterson with two feet. The moose fans want a red.

'27 - Sonic scores after a goal-mouth scramble in the six-yard box. 2-0

'31 - Yellow for DeLanie Peterson after sliding in harshly.

'37 - Pineapple dribbles for 5 seconds until sending the keeper the wrong way with a powerful shot. 2-1. '39 - Pineapple passes to Henry the moose who hits the post McBoo tries to pick it up, but the ball slips out for a corner. Moon takes and Pineapple heads it in. 2-2

'43 - Porkchop taps the ball wide after Henry provides a long ball.

Three minutes added time.

'45+1 - Goal Dmitri Moosnov passes to Markus Monroe who passes to Porkchop who crosses it in to Pineapple he volleys the ball which McBoo saves Baby Mario clears the ball out for a corner, Henry the moose shoots 5 seconds after Tango Jr. takes the corner it is saved by McBoo, Henry he then tackles O'Lantern and shoots outside the box. Wonder-goal. 3-2


Second Half

Moose FC kick-off.

'49 - Sonic Fires a ball from just outside the penalty area and McBoo catches it. Sonic still searches for his hat-trick.

'57 - Sonic shoots and the ball fires wide.

'69 - Henry fires wide.

'75 - Pineapple strikes the ball over the crossbar.

'79 - Moon taps the ball into the side netting.

'81 - Baby Waluigi gets a yellow for diving.

'83 - Baby Wario gets a yellow for diving as a mad panic by Team Freaky with no goals this half.

'85 - Akro Bat gets a 2nd Yellow for a slide-tackle on Henry The Moose.

'88 - Porkchop shoots and on the rebound hits the post it falls to Henry The Moose and he shoots the ball goes in! 4-2 to Moose FC it looks like they have won it now.

Three Minutes to be added on.

'92 - Sonic dribbles and shoots it goes in 4-3 sonic gets his hat-trick.


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