Freaky v Illogical was a match in the Fantendo Football League. It would be a game with Sonic the star.

Freaky V Illogical
Final Score Freaky 4-2 Illogical
Event Fantendo Football League
Ground Freaky Colosseum
Attendance 79,103
Doc Louis Man of the Match Sonic
Team Freaky


Moose FC were still partying over beating Team Freaky 4-3.






Team Freaky Kick-Off.

'03 - WIDE Sonic fires his first touch of the ball wide.

'05 - OVER Sonic chips the ball over the crossbar.

'09 - GOAL Sonic Being a star player at the moment with shooting from long range, Sonic curves the ball like a free-kick. 1-0

'13 - WIDE Kanow Shoots wide.

'17 - GOAL 3.14 taps a ball in. 1-1.

'19 - CHANCE WASTED Kanow picks up a loose ball 1-on-1 and shoots wide.

'21 - GOAL Sonic passes to Mario who shoots the ball hits the crossbar punched away Baby Waluigi shoots the ball is saved and Sonic Taps it in 2-1.

'23 - GOAL Sonic is on fire after a wonder-goal, hat-trick. 3-1. Nitro has let in 3 in 23 minutes.

'27 - SAVED with Sonic and Team Freaky dominating the game Sonic tries to flick the ball over.

'29 - SAVED McBoo gets a hand to a powerful shot by Rise.

'33 - WIDE Baby Luigi fires a header from Akro Bat's cross wide.

'37 - WIDE Mario shoots wide.

TWO Minutes added time.


Second Half

Illogical FC Kick-Off.

'69 - GOAL Not the best second half but a blunder by McBoo leaves 3.14 to tap the ball in after falling over. 3-2

'80 - YELLOW It's not over yet but PI.EXE gets a yellow for a harsh tackle on Mario.

'83 - OVER Baby Waluigi passes to Mario who smashes the ball over the net.

'86 - POST Kanow shoots just inside the penalty area hits off the post and out.

'88 - WOW GOAL! But To Who? Bonehead Tries to grab a late winner McBoo smacks it just outside Nitro's penalty box, Mario passes to Sonic who slides and taps it in. 4-2.

Three minutes added time.

'92 - SAVED Sonic Shoots from long range, saved by Nitro.



Team Freaky

Illogical FC

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