Dark Red Royals vs Team Genetic

Razor accidentally headed into his own net on 23 minutes, but it took 69 minutes for the equaliser, Razor redeemed himself with a long ball pumped onto Scar's path on the flank, his cross led Brandon to tap the ball over the keeper and in.

The own-goal could actually bad for us as we aren't the most prolific scorers.
Micool26 (tbc).

All I can say is... Heheheh.

The Waves FC vs King Plumber's Army

After Unten set up Zerita to score in the box on 79 minutes, it looked like another 3 points for the rampant King Plumber's Army. But, Wick received a Sunshine the Hedehog goal-kick to hit home after winding round Spaghetti and Chief Dongorio. Then two minutes from time, Fred the Purple Monkey skilled King Plumber to cheekily chip DragonMan to victory.

I admit, it was a bit of a shock, especially since we had taken the lead late in the game.
Manager King Plumber.

Well, that sure felt good to get us back in the game and it feels even better winning by nicking it at the end!

Outer Troopers vs Nintendo All-Stars FC

Little Mac punched away a corner but the ball fell to Climber who crossed the ball in and Speedy headed home on 74 minutes. Kirby's poor clearance left Gorge the chance to double his sides lead only two minutes later. He picked out Tyr, who shot but it was saved Purple tried the rebound but it was blocked well by Pikachu, the ball was back in the attack for the Outer Troopers when Moyan headed the ball to Winson, who made a run down the flank. He crossed in, and Ybrik was their to win a header against Kirby and score.

Well, job done after those two vital minutes, it made me pleased, because we were poor before that.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

Morale was lost after that first goal, we just didn't expect that attack almost straight after.
Captain Falcon


Team Flame-Scotland vs Team Lios Lions

  • Attendance: 94,656 (Away: 9,453)

This game has been heated derby since Season 1, and studs were flying with 9 yellow cards dished, two of which were two yellows for Ceallachán Mackay. Sent off for a handball and a tackle on Lexi Lexan. Mr. Chilli was also sent off for a seemingly safe tackle on Clyde, but the best chance of the game was "Macca" rattling the woodwork.

If the ref gives them a red for a tackle which the player won the ball, he should be sacked.
Manager Clyde1998 (tbc).

That was a fair tackle, I think the rampant Flame-Scotland fans helped the ref to sway his descision.
Manager Stelios7 (tbc).

That tackle was fair, case closed. CHILEEEH!
Mr. Chilli.

Team Toucan vs Team Freaky

McBoo picked out Dudle in the centre circle who chipped the ball forward, Ghoularry picked it up and scored after 17 minutes. Toucan's best chance of the first half was Brute's 23rd minyte header rattling the woodwork. Wingo scored from the off after making a ran forward straight after the second half kick off, he got into space, onside and converted it. Ztarnoir had a effort well saved by Coldfront and the goalkick went short to Carl the Toucan, he appraoched the center circle and picked out Dave the Rabbit in space, he changed direction and Maradona turned past Scribboy, and picked out Jade the Crane, on the flank, Jade crossed it in and Tranzformez headed it up, the ball fell to Dave, who duked to the side then shot and bam, bottom right corner. The last 30 minutes quitened down, Stilts cleared a O'Wisp shot off the line 2 minutes from time.

{{quote|Defensive midfielders don't score often, but Dave sure showed qualitites of a attacking midfielder today, he's a great all-rounder with a great goal today!|Manager Nintendofaah64 (tbc)

Me and Ghoularry both played well today, troubling Coldfront, and in one case beating him, we need to just keep pecking and work with the team to send our way to victory!

Mad Robots vs Team Steel

Somerset stunned the Mad Robots fans at Phylos today, scoring after recieving a Metal Locked ball, in just 3 minutes. It took a while for the Mad Robots to recover but on 37 minutes Scyplo a chance converted a Melice throw-in, he wound round the defense and tricking Mephiles. Master had a goal disallowed in the first half's second minute of injury time, he was offside. The second half only saw one shot on target, Betolpy having a shot saved and out for a corner from 19 yards. But, Aten brounght down Sacel in the box to win the header from a Tina corner, penalty, Sacel scored.

I was seemingly offside, well I knew that Langhl was ahead of me!

Aten giving away that last minute pentaly was not needed, Mephilies was running out to get it anyway.
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).

{{quote|Worrying losses to the Mad Robots and of course, the Nintendo All-Stars questions Team Steel's defense.|

Well, I didn't expect that penalty to occur, but I'm over the moon that Sacel converted it!
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

Team Mega-Bus vs Team Gemstones

Bearded Smiley headed his team infront on 5 minutes, for only Sam the Koopa to score from the corner of the penalty area 10 minutes later. Meta-Form slid in a rebound from a King Kube Bot, shot from a Nado long ball, helped on by Cubey. 5 minutes before half time. DREW's cross was nodded in by Pie Guy on 68 minutes, and DREW went down in the area from a ToadThief push to score himself 11 minutes later to take the lead again.

I don't like to boast, but I put my all today and deserved the man of the match award!

Dissapointing, a game where you score two goals, then still lose at home, dissapointing.
Manager Samtendo09 (tbc).

Doodleland Dodgers vs FC APIM

Hooly opened the scoring after 10 minutes with arguably the most powerful header of the season. Pashie passed a ball into the box for Roxanne to slide the ball in on 37 minutes. Dux received a Pesh ground long ball into the box, Dux shot and the ball was in the back of the net. Ramona had a effort smacking against the woodwork 14 minutes from time.

Roxanne and Dux, two very different players, but both with a great eye for goal.
Manager Arend (tbc).

A home loss is what any team doesn't want, but we were winning, so that is a positive.
Sorastitch (tbc).


Moose FC vs Gearworks FC

The left striker Slime bit received the pass in the box and fired home after a medicre first half on 49 minutes. A Dmitri Moonsov own goal secured victory 28 minutes later.

A secure away win, brilliant!
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).

It was simple, we just didn't threat today.
Manager Henrydamoose (tbc).

Team Nutty vs Royal Atlantica

Hydra tried blocking a effort, but helped it into the net, putting his side behind after 24 minutes. Royal Atlantica kept pushing, and they scored after 66 minutes, Teardrop wound round the Nutty defines to be one on one and he cheekily chipped it over. Goal.

It was very casual and felt natural just placing it in the net.

Considernig we are not doing very well, and Atlantica are a top side, that point it satisfying.
Manager Peanutjon (tbc).

Team Nook vs Team Sew'n

Illogical FC vs Mushroom Kingdom FC

Peach scored by receiving a pass on the penalty spot from Mario and converting on 8 minutes. Q equalized with a volley from a corner in te second minute of injury time. The teams came back after half-time and Strafe dribbled around the defines to link up with Demi and slot home the winner, goal for Strafe!

Scoring the winner feels great, now to score the securer, or a hat-trick.

Our influence was drab in the second half, mediocre to say the least. Maybe the guys thought they would be winning at halftime and I don't blame them, the last kick of the ball!
Manager Toadsworth.

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