The Fantendo Football League Show showed highlights for Week eight in the third season of the Fantendo Football League. It was broadcast on Flame TV.


The Waves FC 2-1 Dark Red Royals

Micool the Master shouldn't of turned up today, taking his side into the lead with a curling shot seemed like a good start, but a mispass to his own keeper and heading into his own net lead to his booing.


Micool 56

Micool 63, 87 OG

Poor, poor Micool, well at least he scored.
Queen Gardenia.

To be honest, we didn't have to do much work. New tactic anyone?
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

Team Genetic 0-2 Outer Troopers

King Plumber's Army 2-2 Team Flame-Scotland

  • Attendance: 71,545 (Away: 6,323)

4 Mins: PalmMan, Light - cross-field ball to Savant the Goetian. Through-ball to Thomas, but the ball is gathered by Vlasi Konstantinov in the Flame-Scotland goal.
8 Mins: King Plumber thumps the ball forward towards David. He finds Thomas and he shoots at Konstantinov.
9 Mins: Konstantinov punts the ball down the right. The ball is reached by "Macca", he passes Unten and crosses in towards Ceallachán Mackay - but he heads the ball over the top of the King Plumber's Army goal.
13 Mins: It doesn't get more route one than that. DragonMan forces the ball forward and clears the ball from his own box. Thomas controls it, turns and charges towards Konstantinov's goal. The King Plumber's Army striker round's the keeper and puts his team in the lead. King Plumber's Army 1-0 Flame-Scotland.
26 Mins: King Plumber's Army are attacking Flame-Scotland still. The visitors haven't had a chance yet. Savant the Goetian charges down the left-hand side of the pitch. Flame tries to tackle misses and the ball is crossed into the box and Thomas gets on the end of it. The Flame-Scotland fans behind that goal aren't happy with their team. King Plumber's Army 2-0 Flame-Scotland.
46 Mins: Flame-Scotland attack with Clyde, he cuts inside. Plays it to "Richy" who finds his way into the box and is tripped by King Plumber. A penalty is given. King Plumber receives a booking from the referee.
47 Mins: Clyde steps up against DragonMan. A right-footed shot is smashed into the left corner of the King Plumber's Army net and Flame-Scotland are back in it. King Plumber's Army 2-1 Flame-Scotland.
54 Mins: Flame-Scotland's fans are signing away behind the DragonMan goal. 6,000 of them have made the trip, but their team is 2-1 down. Clyde surges down the left. Crosses in and the ball is gathered by DragonMan.
67 Mins: "Macca" is taken out by King Plumber, who is on thin ice. Clyde takes the free-kick - around 30 yards out and it hits the underside of the bar and is cleared by King Plumber.
75 Mins: David has Konstantinov troubled, but his effort is just wide.
80 Mins: We are now in Flame-Scotland time. The Berkshire club has scored a lot of late goals in the Fantendo Football League and they need one today.
84 Mins: Clyde takes a shot from 35 yards, but it is straight at DragonMan.
90 Mins: 4 Added Minutes.
90+3 Mins: One last attack for Flame-Scotland. Clyde is tripped again by King Plumber and the player-manager is off this time. Clyde is to take the free-kick again, he came close with his last effort. Five man wall for the hosts. Clyde around 20 yards out - fires it home. Flame-Scotland have levelled it. Their fans pile forward towards the pitch. King Plumber's Army 2-2 Flame-Scotland.


We have been given a real test today, and we've just about come though. We need to improve, yes, but single points can help decide the title at the end of the season. Any Flame-Scotland fan will tell you that.
Clyde on BBC Radio Berkshire

Nintendo All-Stars FC 2-1 Team Toucan

Captain Falcon curled a free kick right past Coldfront's flippers. Falco sweetly shot a second into the top right corner in the second half. Dave the Rabbit tapped in a effort in stoppage time.


Captain Falcon 27

Falco 61

Dave the Rabbit 90+1

Team Lios Lions 1-1 Mad Robots

Mr. Chilli volleyed a Lelia Metals lob to fire his side into the lead inside 25 minutes. The Mad Robots searched long and hard for a reply, and Cheepel just had to tap it to Elfain to break the back of the net.


Mr. Chilli 24

Elfain 74

Fusion derby's are hotter than Chilli, and we seemed to cope alright with the pressure.
Captain Ella Metals.

Team Freaky 2-0 Team Mega-Bus

Ghoularry scored a real poachers goal to save embarrasment from Mega-Bus. O'Wisp was the tallest man to secure the points with a corner header.


Ghoularry 79

O'Wisp 83

Team Steel 1-2 Doodleland Dodgers

Vulcan scored a penalty, but Darkclaw inspired a long ball for Perra Noid to respond immeadeatly. The Dodgers kept on fighting when Jazz was sent off, and there hard work was paid off when Nightgale headed in a Amy cross.


Vulcan 68 (pen)

Perra Noid 69

Nightgale 79

Away and a man down, we overcame the odds didn't we?

Team Gemstones 2-1 Moose FC

Princess Grace struck well from 19 yards to take her side into the lead on 37 minutes, Moose had a on-form Dmitri Moonsov to create many chances and score one of his own, a angled shot sweetly curved into the top corner. The winner was grabbed by a Uilee Tea tap in.


Princess Grace 37

Dmitri Moonsov 60

Uilee Tea 67

Gardenia's got a rival for the most graceful player!
Emerald the Sceptile.

FC APIM 2-1 Team Nutty

Teddy Bear won a penalty and scored it, but a Sheila Piunazj own goal gave Nutty fans hope before the break. The hope was short lived after Dux tapped in a Surchin pass.


Teddy Bear 41 (pen)

Sheila Piunazj 45+1 OG

Dux 59

Gearworks FC 2-1 Team Nook

Tucker miskicked a clearance to score a own goal inside 50 seconds. Nook were quickly back in it though with The Groo's strike being deflected to go in. The game was settled on the hour mark when Scoutry headbutted the ball from inside the six-yard box.


Tucker OG 1

The Groo 10

Scoutry 60

Royal Atlantica 3-3 Illogical FC

Team Sew'n 3-1 Mushroom Kingdom FC

Mr. Wrinkle, Red the Hood'em and a Diddy Kong owngoal gave Sew'n a 3-0 advantage at half-time. Bowser Jr. tried to inspire a comeback, but nothing came of it.


Mr. Wrinkle 7

Red the Hoodem 16

Diddy Kong OG 40+2

Bowser Jr. 55

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