Team Flame-Scotland vs Dark Red Royals

  • Attendance: 90,575 (Away: 3,436)

Fire Master recieved a deflection goal kick on his head. He turned and knocked the ball forward, taking a strike and rattling the inside right post, but bouncing in on 42 minutes. Grace had a free kick which just spiralled over the bar, making Bowser worried. A quiet second half with Micool's header deflected off the line by Baby Clyde, was halted with action after a corner game in and Gardenia headed a ball in, Bowser knocked it away and Snow Master tried volleying it over his head, but he chipped the ball back in! and Banana Jr. got a tap on his head to it, causing the ball to go to the side, Micool took a shot just outside the six yard box and Bowser noticing it dived, and got a hand to it, but causing the ball to go in.

Wow, I honestly thought Bowser had it, it was a awkward angle for me to shoot from, but all keepers make mistakes.
Micool the Master.

Curses, we should of pleased our home crowd today, they were hungry for victory today after we took the lead. Argh, we could of have lead by 2 or 3 if we concentrated a wee bit more.

Outer Troopers vs Team Toucan

It was dubbed the battle of the birds, but Team Toucan were a whisker away of going ahead in 2 minutes, Fruity rattled the woodwork from a header from a Brute corner. Speedy got a brace, the first taking a deflection off Kenya the Parrot from 18 yards. The second coming 2 minutes from time after a diving header at the near post from a Purple cross.


Speedy 73, 88

Well, were not Team TouCAN'T, so we will be sure to try and bounce back in our next match.
Fruity commenting a variant on her catchphrase.

The Waves FC vs Mad Robots

It took 20 seconds for Xarz to head in a Cheepel cross from close range. Mick and Nick were both already on yellows when they both went in for a sliding tackle on Tina on 24 minutes. The referee allowed the game to flow and Mick's effort wasn't half bad either, clipping the crossbar with Maal getting a hand to it. In the third minute of stoppage time, Elfain took a shot from a deflected corner and scored. Sacel took a volleying attempt a minute later but the keeper made a spectacular diving save and sent it out for a corner, making one of the saves of the season.

We were lucky to stay on, I applaud the referee for playing on, but I really should of scored then!

I was shocked for two reasons, the save. And me making the shot, I won't be kicking myself over it as I did not expect it to go in.
"So close" Sacel on his stoppage time strike.

I trought they could of got more, but I am delighted with the result.
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

Team Genetic vs Team Mega-Bus

Team Mega-Bus went down after twenty minutes from a Neo Koopa brace, both sublime left footers in the corners. Mega-Bus were outplayed in the first half. But right from the whistle, King Kube Bot's link up with Cubey was intercepted, Sam the Koopa hit home with a curling strike. MegaMan and Meta-Form had chances to start a comeback, but a Fire John own goal on the line after Nega-Knight cleared the corner the wrong way led to another loss for Mega-Bus.

I reckon I will get a hat-trick next.
Neo Koopa.

We need a encouraging win against a big side to really kickstart our campaign, we were losing confidence 5 minutes after we scored.
Samtendo09 (tbc).

King Plumber's Army v Doodleland Dodgers

Sarah's tackle on Unten scrambled the ball away, but the ball fell to Light who put it away after 25 minutes. The Doodleland attack were kept quiet by the resilliance of player-manager King Plumber, whilst Spaghetti would clear. And it was one of these clearances that fell to Savant to bury a sweet strike in the next on 75 minutes. Zak headed a ball away which was debatebly over the line from a Zerita header from a last minute corner. But it was not counted.

As soon as I headed the ball, It was destined to go in. Shame the ref didn't see it, I'm not too sad about it, since we won!

I felt proud of myself and the lads today, a clean sheet. Let's just hope we can keep our confidence to our first real test of the season, the Mad Robots
Player-Manager King Plumber.

{{quote|We won't reflect on how poor we were, there's no denying that, let's just think positive for the next game|Manager, Sorastitch (tbc).

Nintendo All-Stars FC vs Moose FC

Link tapped in Olimar's header from a Falcon cross into the net after 35 minutes. Moonsov headed home 5 minutes later. All square at half-time, both were attacking from the off. But it was Moon's one-two with Pineapple wound the ball past the keeper for Moon to slot home and win it after 71 minutes.


Link 35 Moonsov 40 Moon 71

Those second halves don't get better than that! Our spirit was high, we were pumped, they were pumped. This shows that both of us are the ones to watch.
Manager Henrydamoose (tbc).

We really need to whack a ball forward, if I was Little Mac, do a Falcon Punch!
Captain Falcon.

Team Lios Lions vs Team Nutty

Attendence 58,675 (Away 1298) After 72 minutes, this game looked like it would be a 0-0 bore, but a corner from Andy Pasta curled near the back post for Mr. Chilli to head in. Conker got the game back on terms 3 minutes later with a shot inside the 18 yard box. Kaisser Cassia recived the ball from the off and dribbled 6 yard, he winded round the defence and shot... and scored a sublime goal. Peanut Jon scored the tap in from a last minute corner.

I won't complain, as we almost had a 0-0 bore draw anyway. I must say though, I am very, very proud of Kaisser today. Good Job Kaisser.
Kaisser Cassia.

Peanut Jon.

== Team Freaky vs Team Nook A quick fire 5 minute interval double was completed by Ghoularry on 23 minutes, Scratch was left stunned. His sides best attempt was Tulip Nook long ball being fumbled.

It was the great time to score, a few minutes after the game had settled, we got them when either side could of been vunerable. Hats off to the lads today!
Manager McQueenMario (tbc).

Ok, the games over, we know where we went wrong. We will take all the posotives and the negatives for the next game, and the next game. Rebuild and build.
Manager YoshiEgg (tbc).

Team Steel vs Illogical FC

Team Steel's defense was as solid as steel, but their attack was as quiet as a mouse. Illogical not getting past the Steel defense, Strafe's shot from the flank was the closest Mephiles. Chrome's header from a corner whacked the post was Steel's best attempt.

Well here's where a manager earns their money, what to do next how to win, how to score.
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).

{{quote|I won't blame the humid air, or the damp pitch, we were poor, they were poor.|Manager JesseRoo (tbc).

Team Gemstones vs Mushroom Kingdom FC

Bowser Jr. pushed down Forter when defending a Emerald corner and a penalty and a yellow was awarded in 3 minutes. Bearded Smiley put the keeper off and cheekily chipped the ball into the centre of the net. Kritter dives stunned the the right. 20 minutes later, Mario passed to Peach who crossed the ball in, Luigi made a diving header and Blaze fumbled the ball and it rolled in. The second half was more quiet, until Ruby rocked Diddy Kong just outside the area, a backwards two footed sliding tackle. Luckily, Diddy the acrobatic monkey that he is, landed safely. But a straight red for Ruby, a minute away from the hour mark. Waluigi stepped up to take the free kick, he shot the ball against the wall, and came off Bearded Ninja, who went sprinting forward with it with a lot of space, picking out Bearded Smiley on the flank, Bearded dribbled past Saphirre and with nobody to mark Bearded Ninja, Bearded Smiley passed it back to Ninja, who buried the shot in the top right corner of the net.

{{quote|Golden.|Manager Number-1-Pokemon-Fan-Eltario (tbc)

{{quote|Diddy is fortunatley ok, and I 100% agree with the desicion.|Toadsworth.

FC APIM vs Team Sew'n

Mr. Green picked out Bear in the box on 8 minutes, his shot came of Olivalley's leg and Ninja-Black tapped in the rebound. It was all Sew'n, and Yellow had a goal disallowed for offside. But in the second half, Pesh rattled the crossbar, Roxanne made Mr. Hidden strecth from a free-kick, and they kept trying and eventually they scored, Jack Johnson chipped in a corner and Suzy got her left foot around it and it went in.


Ninja-Black 8 Suzy Sweetheart 76

Sublime Strike from the sweetheart.
Suzy Sweetheart.

Even as... Good vs. Evil?
Red the Hoodem.

Royal Atlantica vs Gearworks FC

Ayla struck a fierce strike with rage after recieving a Rufus cross by 19 minutes, Gearworks were 3-0 down. Scoutry added to his fine form this season with a header from a Pyro Drone long ball, Snowless came out and Scoutry cooly headed the ball into the net just before half-time. Cole's free-kick was saved by Snowless but fumbled, he tried kicking it out, but the ball fell to Mendez, he took a shot and it rattled the woodwork and the Attacking midfield Slimebot knicked it in with his head just after the hour mark. And, Antares scored a volley from a Alec corner with 10 minutes left.

Another Magical performance from the Meeping Marvel that is Scoutry!
Waddel Dii (tbc).

We may of got over-confident after the early goal in the half that we dominated.
Manager Half-blood2000 (tbc).

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