Dark Red Royals vs Team Toucan

Micool wore the jersey of red and black proud after going ahead with a brace from his left foot after 20 minutes. He tried for a third, but it was blocked by Minnie, bouncing on the centre circle, Fruity had to only beat Mick Cool to be one on one, she chipped the ball over Mick Cool and nodded the header on to shoot just outside the penalty area and put it away. In the second half, Dave seemingly dived after a light Groudius Maximus push. And Dave's teammate Wingo put away the penalty on 71 minutes. 5 Minutes later, a corner from Carl the Toucan meets the head of Jade the Crane who scores. And on 89 minutes, Brute takes a shot after winning a tackle from Grace Giranha, with the keeper off guard, it curled into the net.


I liked our team spirit today, and I liked my goal, I hope I can aim for at least 5 this season!
Jade the Crane.

Mad Robots vs Team Flame-Scotland

  • Attendance: 80,867 (Away: 6,232)

Mad Robots went rampant in thirty minutes after Xarz headed from close range and Langhl had a crack a Cheepel throw-in. Fire Master tapped in Clyde's cross. Bowser made a spectacular save just before half time to keep his team in the game and on 75 minutes, Banana Jr. made a ground pass to King Boo, Melice and Regal both failed in there sliding tackles, but Langhl suceeded, the ball fell to Snow Master on the flank who had shot and found it's home in the top left corner of the net.


My goal was beautiful, like all the beautiful ladies.

I am pleased with the lads performance today, but we should of done better with the result and we need to tighten our defence.
Clyde1998 (tbc).

Team Mega-Bus vs Outer Troopers

Sam the Koopa picked out Cubey in space to dribble past Purple to strike home. Purple got his revenge by shooting the ball past Cubey and Midbus to score just outside the penalty area on 20 minutes, just 3 minutes later. Nado made a excellent tackle where the ball fell to King Kube Bot, the strike took a deflection off Mega Man and went in. A penalty from a handball from ToadTheif in the penalty area was converted easily by Purple, and he rounded up his hat-trick 10 minutes from times.


It was a fast-paced game that was flowing well, of course I'm delighted, but we need to have a good run of form now.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

Doodleland Dodgers vs The Waves FC

Mick linked up with Nick to slot home a great effort and slotted the ball past Bob. Fred the Purple Monkey had a spectacular volley fumbled, but it rolled past the line on 34 minutes. Sarah recieved a yellow, but The Waves fans wanted Red.


It's a great and comfertable away win that I hope we can build on.
Mick13 (tbc), manager.

Moose FC vs Team Genetic

It took 69 minutes for the first goal of the game. Neo Koopa used his pace to wind round the Moose FC defence and trick the keeper to score. A immediate response when Moonsov sends a long ball which Henry the Moose converts after 3 touches before the shot, piercing the bottom corner of the net. Moon then won a header and the ball fell in the path of Tango, he crossed the ball into Gaz Price who's header was seemingly going wide, but Pineapple tapped it in. The match winner.


We got a victory, and my teammates thought that was our best goal of the season, but I think I can do better.
Henry the Moose.

Team Nutty vs King Plumber's Army

A Dongorio header in his own net wasn't the best start, but he redeemed himself after crossing in a great corner which met the head of PalmMan just on 31 minutes. On 64 minutes, Spaghetti's clearance was very powerful, and bounced just outside the penalty area, Thomas runs to it and passes to David, he tries a effort, but it's a bit too powerful on bounces off the post, but is picked up by Unten on the flank, he lobs it in to meet the head of Spaghetti, wow. A great diving header. The game was rounded off on 79 minutes by a King Plumber strike after recieving a Light pass from a Savant free kick.


I'm glad that I got a goal to ensure our victory, and I'm delighted with Spaghetti's performance today and the pass and move football we showed today.
Player-Manager and goal scorer King Plumber.

Team Nook vs Nintendo All-Stars FC

Zero Suit Samus acrobatically jumped over a shocked Spectur, she dribbles the ball between her legs, stunning William Scratch and she smacks the ball into the corner of the net on 23 minutes. The game seeming dead wasn't put to bed when Tulip Nook won a Zelda tackle and picked out M'Icho on the flank, he crossed it in and it met the head of Bloop to bounce once and go into the back of the net.


Expect more of this, that goal was too easy today.
Zero Suit Samus.

Illogical FC vs Team Lios Lions

Demi picked out Spider on the flank who crossed it in and it met Strafe's head Martin gets a fingertip to it, but it goes in.


Job Done, as long as we get points on the board the gaffer doesn't care by how much we win.

Mr. Chilli sulking.

Well neither side stood out for me. There was no confidence today, the fans need to get behind their teams.
Former Lios Lions keeper Little Mac.

{{quote|These games that were bores for the majority of the game that you eventually lose can really take the wind out of the sails from a team, so we will need to bounce back for the game at

Mushroom Kingdom FC vs Team Freaky

Yoshi used his speed to wind past the Freaky Midfield, Dudle makes a misplaced sliding tackle after catching up. Yoshi bravely got up and tries to cross the ball in, it kept going, and went in and over McBoo, left stunned. Sonic used his speed for a quick response, weaving past the burly Donkey Kong to sneak the ball past Kritter on 28 minutes. Bowser Jr.'s tap in from a Peach pass gave his side the lead again after the hour mark. Dudle found Ztarnoir in space and he converted a great snapshot reflex to Kritter's opposite side to where he dived, 6 minutes later, and with a quarter of the game left, Ghoularry's volley pass to Akro Bat was headed by Akro and tapped to O'Lantern, Kritter ran out as O'Lantern shot from the six yard box. GOAL.


It was a shame that we didn't win from Yoshi's wonder goal, I'm honoured for him to be my best friend and teammate.


Team Sew'n vs Team Steel

Flaum started the game with a yellow after clipping Hau in the area. Hau converted it cooly. The Sew'n defense were lucky not to let in anymore.


Flaum needs to calm himself down, he loses his temper a lot, and I don't like it.
Manager UltimateMogwai (tbc).

Royal Atlantica vs Team Gemstones

Teardrop led out Royal Atlantica with the belief that they could win against Team Gemstones and keep there hopes of retaining their title hopes alive. DREW struck a effort wide to worry them in the first half. When on 56 minutes, the game alit Athene Metals' winning a tackle on Forter started a passing move between the Royal Atlantic midfield, a cross in met the head of Rocky and the ball was caught, a poor throw out by Blaze as Keizitt pickes the ball up, as it is about to reach Saphirre's path, he crosses it in and Blaze punches it out, the ball falls in the path of the right midfielder Ayla and a off the line Blaze tries to stop Ayla's shot but it goes in. Ruby saw red after a harsh two footed tackle on Rufus, Athene Metals scores the penalty after dummying Blaze to dive to the right. After two goals from Atlantica in five minutes, Emerald took a shot to get back into the game, it went in. But it wasn't enough and Royal Atlantica held on to win 2-1.

I loved tricking Blaze, it was fun and I'd love to do it again in the return fixture.
Athene on her skillful penalty.

It's annoying to lose after to get back into the game. ANNOYING LIKE ME! AAAAH!
Bearded Smiley.

We were graceful in skill out there today, let's hope we can keep our title hopes alive, eh?
Half-blood2000 (tbc).

Gearworks FC vs FC APIM

It took a Augusto Mednez header on 27 minutes to seperate these two, for the visitors, Roxanne's 20 yard strike was the best chance.

Meep! More Victory! Meep

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