Flame-Scotland v Steel
Final Score 1-0
Event Fantendo Football League
Ground Flame Stadium, Reading
Attendance 94,985
FTV Man of the Match TBA
Flame TV Sports
FTV Sports HD1
FTV Sports 3D
Presented By Andy Pasta (Lions midfielder)
Bowser (ex-Flame goalkeeper)
Pierrick Boyd (Flame midfielder)
Commentators Speedy(Outer Troopers midfielder)
Rocky (Royal Atlantica defender)

Team Flame-Scotland and Team Steel met during the third Fantendo Football League season at the Flame Stadium in Reading. This was a live Flame TV match.








First Half

The "Battle of Britain" live from the Flame Stadium in Reading. Team Flame-Scotland and Team Steel clash in what is arguably the biggest Fantendo Football League game. It's a sell out today. Flame-Scotland want to erase memories of defeat to Lios Lions last week. Steel beat Mad Robots 2-1, however they haven't won an away match in three games. The teams are heading out to a huge roar from the Flame fans. They're singing their version of Here We Come.
5 Mins: Flame-Scotland could be in front here. A "Macca" cross is met by "Richy" - but the header is straight at Mephiles the Dark. It should be one-nil to the hosts here.
7 Mins: It should be two-nil - but somehow the game is still level at nil-nil. It was a great cross by Clyde, but Snow Master hits the post for Flame-Scotland.
14 Mins: Flame-Scotland yet again waste a good chance. The ball came in from the left and Carl Koenigsmann fires over the top and into the Steel fans.
17 Mins: Hark is caught on the ball and Flame-Scotland's players surge forward. "Macca" gets the ball on the right and plays the ball, on the ground, to Snow Master who fires his shot straight at Mephiles the Dark. Good pressure from Flame-Scotland though.
21 Mins: Flame-Scotland's fans haven't stopped signing all match. Their team is totally dominating the match against their biggest rivals. Gautier Lyon, now, with the ball. Clyde, plays the ball across the park to "Macca". He crosses in and Ceallachán Mackay - who heads over.
29 Mins: Somerset fires at Vlasi Konstantinov, but the Russian holds the ball well.
39 Mins: Flame takes a shot from 25 yards, but it's straight at Mephiles the Dark.

Half Time

Second Half

Post Match


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