Team Toucan 0-0 Dark Red Royals

The match had 3 off target chances from each side when on 38 minutes, the match had to be abandoned due to heavy rain. Making it impossible to see. All drenched through, neither side could play well enough to find the back of the net. Coldfront's Gardenia save was the pick of the bunch.

For once we can blame the conditions for our performances!
Manager Micool26 (tbc).

Well, I never thought their was a disadvantage at playing at home... until now!
Manager Nintendoofah64 (tbc).

Team Flame-Scotland 0-2 Mad Robots

Flame-Scotland's Russian keeper rolled out a throw to be intercepted by Xarz and go behind in under 2 minutes. Being booed frantically, Flame-Scotland had one ontarget chance. "Macca"'s optimistic cross. Many Flame-Scotland fans leave after a poor first half, and so they did. And rightly so, going behind on 50 minutes to a curling Tina corner, and forced over the line by Elfain. 40,000 were still at the game. And the best chance for Flame-Scotland came when even more left right at the depth. A goalmouth scramble lead to Carl Koenigsmann smacking the woodwork, then Maal quickly held it.


Xarz 2

Elfain 50

I don't have any doubts or worries if we play like that every week!
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

On good days, these players have been absolute merits to their clubs. But we are home shy, the fans expect a lot, and the pressure surely does overcome them at home. But, we still have the Tartan spirit on days like these.
Manager Clyde1998 (tbc).

Outer Troopers 2-1 Team Mega-Bus

ToadThief acrobatically jumped over Petunia in a corner to beat the keeper one on one in the first half. But the support from the home fans gave a new lease of confidence in the second half, with two quick Tyr goals.


ToadThief 18 Tyr 57, 62

I think Tyr will sing through the same hymn book as Samus and Chilli!
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

Let's just say it's one of my strong points.

The Waves FC 1-2 Doodleland Dodgers

A Pera Niod headed goal gave the away side the lead on 27 minutes to give his side the lead over half-time. But, Fred the Purple Monkey won a penalty in the heat of the second half to level. But it was a last ditch attempt with a feeble Hooly header which the laggy Waves defense completely missed.


Perra Niod 27 Fred the Purple Monkey 67 Hooly 89

I think the gaffer scoring will get us some new, fresh morale for the team!

We went out of position too much, the young side lost to a beatable side.
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

Team Genetic 2-1 Moose FC

King Plumber's Army 0-0 Team Nutty

Heavy snow lead few attendance today, which probably dampened spirits. The best chance with a David header fumbled then the rebound hitting the crossbar.

It was like a training game today!
Player-Manager King Plumber.

It was a change to show of the clubs tacking and heading, and to show that we can keep a clean sheet against one of the big clubs, a point away against the mighty King Plumber's Army is satisfying.
Manager Peanutjon (tbc).

Nintendo All-Stars FC 2-1 Team Nook

Zero Suit Samus continued her scoring form with a overhead kick on the 78th minute to brighten up a argy bargy first half. It seemed over, but Tucker's long goal kick lead a inspiring M'Icho run to shoot, parried by Little Mac, the rebound was knocked in by The Groo's body. A last minute Fox corner lead Kirby to head, punched away by Tucker, the ball falls into the path of Falco he sweetly strikes it, the ball takes a deflection or two... and he scores!

Scorers =

Samus 78

The Groo 88

Falco 90+4

There are two many positives to state in this game, but I am elated with out performance today.
Peppy Hare.

Team Lios Lions 2-2 Illogical FC

A 65,000 full stadium saw Mr. Chilli open the scoring on 19 minutes by getting around Curse Vampire and Fire Elemental. Syria soon equalised with heading a corner in. And it was a free for all at half-time, when the teams got back out, Jeremy Coarson was sent off for a crunching sliding tackle on Padge, taking the free kick, it was a light strike, but silence fumbled it to make his team behind again. The game never lost momentum, and when it looked like Lios Lions would get another... Q linked up well with rabbit to slot it home past Martin Breeze.


Mr. Chilli 19

Syria 34

Padge 72

Q 76

Team Freaky 2-0 Mushroom Kingdom FC

Diddy Kong brought down Ztanoir to recieve a yellow card and a penalty.

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