Team Mega-Bus 1-2 Dark Red Royals

Bud Ifro Endde was the only player to touch the ball in the when the first goal arrived, stepping over and dribbling past the Mega-Bus defense, he wove around Midbus and slotted home. Red Royals confident, they dominated the first half, but couldn't seem to find another goal. And their confidence diminished slightly when Mega-Bus were rattling the woodwork early on in the second half. And it was to no suprise that Mega-Bus would soon score, but it was the Red Royals' hero Bud Ifro Endde heading a corner away, the keeper goes to punch it off his line, and completely miss it. Boos galore, but Micute E. Heart headed in 20 seconds from time, directing the header into the bottom corner.


Bud Ifro Endde 1 Bud Ifro Endde OG 70 Micute E. Heart 89

We were shaking, we were struck, but we rocked their ship to steer our way to victory.
Manager Micool26 (tbc).

I can't play at this club knowing that we can let in a goal inside 20 seconds, 11 men could of taken down one then, and not one of us got to him. We did better in the second half, though.

Mad Robots 2-0 Doodleland Dodgers

Maal was hardly troubled as The Mad Robots cruised to a 2-0 victory, a Regal tap in and a Sacel strike securing the win.


Regal 29 Sacel 56

I'm suprised Bob didn't break his hand today, we need to improve. Badly, I don't know how yet, but we will do it.
Manager Sorastitch (tbc).

I can't do three goals in three games, but I can do six.

Team Toucan 0-2 Moose FC

Toucan made Lord Mambo stretch a bit in the first half, but the battle of the animals ended soon after, with two quickfire goals from Gaz Price and a Henry the Moose free-kick. Brute was sent off on 67 minutes to add to Toucan's misery.


Gaz Price 59 Henry the Moose 63

I'm used to blizzards, I'm used to all kinds of weather, but Henry's free-kick is out of the world!

My mentality is to always try and never give up, paitence is the key. And guess what? That's what I did! I have to admit, it was a cracking goal!
Henry the Moose.

Team Flame-Scotland 2-1 Team Nutty

A "Macca" own goal gave Nutty the lead just before halftime, but Beary's sending off lead to a free kick smashing the woodwork, but Clyde was there to knock it in. Flame-Scotland did what was expected of them and scored. Ceallachán Mackay curling a penalty area effort from the right, into the sweet, sweet top left.


Macca OG 43 Clyde 72 Ceallachán Mackay 76

We slapped them in the face and really shook them.
They slowed down when they had the lead at halftime, thinking it would lower our morale, but with our poor first half record, it would only pumpen it even more., Flame.

Uhh... I am not pleased with our performance, or myself. I have been good for most of the season too. NOOOO! WHYYY! WHY DID I DO THAT!

The Waves FC 2-0 Illogical FC

A Curse Vampire headed own goal gave The Waves the lead on 68 minutes. Illogical tried many times to get them back into the game, Ranai with a long ball whacking the woodwork. But Spider pushed over Mick stupidly after they tried to counter attack a corner. Spider was sent off. Mick converted and the game was decided 2 minutes before time.


Curse Vampire OG 68

Mick 88 (pen)

I was in the wrong position, I was too close to the keeper, and my instinct was to head it, and well... it didn't pay off.
Curse Vampire.

They troubled us, but we were just simply stronger than them!
Fred the Purple Monkey.

Team Genetic 0-2 Mushroom Kingdom FC

King Plumber's Army 2-1 Team Sew'n

Mr. Green's 18 yard strike clipped the crossbar to bounce in to give Sew'n the lead in a remarkable fashion. Zerita equalised with a great one two with Light in the area. And the games fate was decided on 37 minutes, when Flaum was sent off for handball, Thomas converted the penalty.


Mr. Green 18 Zerita 22 Thomas 37 (pen)

That didn't strike his arm, I am 110% sure.
Manager UltimateMogwai (tbc).

We play to win, and we got that! We are the mighty unstoppable King Plumber's Army!
King Plumber.

Nintendo All-Stars 0-2 Royal Atlantica

Kirby deflected a Teardrop shot for Little Mac to dive for Hydra to tap it in just before the break. Losing confidence, the All-Stars let out another goal later, but saved further embarrasment when they scared Atlantica many a time and shut up the Atlantic Ship.


Hydra 43 Rocky 51

We can take a strong positive from this game to please our home fans that we were all not beaten yet, shame we didn't grab a goal or two though.
Peppy Hare, First Team Coach.

We got the points, and the clean sheet. Could I ask for more?
Manager Half-blood2000 (tbc).

Team Lios Lions 2-1 Gearworks FC

Mr. Chilli took the lead with a piece created all by himself left the Benemoth Drone stunned. And a Ella Metals cross sailed into the net just minutes later. But, Samuel Think being sent off for his second yellow just before half-time lead Alec to score a penalty just before half time. The second half was dull football, possession 50-50, the best chance was Lexi Lexan's header smacking the woodwork.


Mr. Chilli 28 Ella Metals 32 Alec 42


Two quick fire goals really dampened our spirits today.

Team Freaky 2-1 FC APIM

Scribboy struck the woodwork, but the ref gave a goal as he thought the ball bounced over the line. Silencing the game until the 71st minute, a Roxanne D'Urre header took a deflection to creep past McBoo.

We're past te halfway mark now, the assessment needs a rethink.
Manager Arend (tbc).

Honestly, I didn't think it went in.

Team Steel 3-1 Team Gemstones

DREW passed back to set up Hark for a long run to score to set the tone of todays match. A Steel domination, with 8 of 17 shots on target. Vulcan grabbed the second with a tap volley from a Hau corner. In the second half, Master headed in a Aten cross. But, Bearded Ninja scored a free-kick late on.


Hark 8 Vulcan 17 Master 58 Bearded Ninja 86

Ninja had been practising these free kicks, but he left it too late in the game.

We gave it our all, and we had been distracted in previous easy home games this series. And we proved that stat wrong today!
Metal Locked (tbc).

Outer Troopers 3-1 Team Nook

Corbus intercepted a ball out of position, but it payed off after he scored in under 3 minutes. Nook were soon back into it though, M'Icho crossing a ball in for 4.13 to head in. A spell of no chances was broken after half-time when Echo struck well. And the winner was scored by Moyan a first-time strike which took a clear deflection to creep past Tucker.


Corbus 4 4.13 21 Echo 54 Moyan 71

We would of probably done better if they didn't try and walk the ball into the net.

We ripped them up when they were most vunerable today, the hard working tactics payed off at a crucial time in the game.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

The Waves FC 2-0 Illogical FC

Nick managed to force the ball over the line in a second half goalmouth scramble. Q deflected a shot soon after.


Nick 74 Q OG 79

I should of stayed in position.

Let's just plow on and do it all over again!
Sunshine the Hedgehog.


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