Moose FC 1-1 Dark Red Royals

Two late second half goals sprung life into a drab game. A Pineapple and Gaz Price sending off lead the Dark Red Royals taking the lead, but Porkchop quickly adapting to his lone striking position.


John Donafe 67

Porkchop 85

We tried our best to get back into it, and we can be proud of our performance.
Henry the Moose.

We got a point away, and we defended and attacked well. So that's not too bad is it?
Micool Guy.

Doodleland Dodgers 0-0 Team Nutty

It was a game where all the chances went off target apart from a Darkclaw header.

There were no positives from this game.

Well, a point seems satisfying for us, it's a good recovery from our 3-1 loss down in Oz.
Manager Sorastitch (tbc).

Team Mega-Bus 2-3 Team Nook

A Tucker own goal lead Mega-Bus into the lead, but he then redeemed himself at the start of the second half with a half-volleym which picked out M'Icho. Nado headed home on 57 minutes from a corner. But, Tulip Nook went down to score a penalty. Nook tried to then put the game to bed ASAP, and on 70 minutes, YoshiEgg Nook recieved a Bloop pass just outside the area to strike home.


Tucker OG 36 M'Icho 47 Nado 57 Tulip Nook 57 YoshiEgg Nook 70

We really tried out there today, we can be proud of going down gracefully, we just lost momentum at the end.
Manager Samtendo09 (tbc).

I found some space and called for the ball, so I just aimed for goal, we played amazing today.
YoshiEgg Nook.

Mad Robots 2-1 Illogical FC

A Ranai own goal gave Mad Robots some confidence to be two-nil up at the break, but Demi won a header from a goalkick to nod a ball forward for Curse Vampire to finish. But, it wasn't enough.


Ranai OG 23 Sacel 35 Curse Vampire 56

We held on, our performance did dip a tad in the second half, but we can be proud of our performance and said that we did well.
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

Well, we surely showed that we can always try. We pecked at them, but our lack of harmony cost us today. We gave away too many balls too soon.
Manager JesseRoo (tbc).

Team Toucan 2-0 Mushroom Kingdom FC

Jade the Crane headed in a Kenya the Parrot corner, and Brute being tripped by Donkey Kong lead to a dismissal and a Dave the Rabbit hit home.


Jade the Crane 58 Dave the Rabbit 69 (pen)

We need to up our game, a lot. Maybe if it's changing tactics or just some good' old motivation.
Manager Toadsworth.

I said I'd get a few more goals, and I hope I can get some more after this!
Jade the Crane.

Team Flame-Scotland 2-1 Team Sew'n

John Mogwai had a fast move, made all by himself, as he shoved it straight down the middle after a long period to really get it into the back of the net! To emphasise how hard he worked. The Flame-Scotland fans weren't the most reliable when their team was losing at half-time, and the players knew that. Some left, but that didn't stop Carl Koenigsmann recieving a penalty area pass to strike it straight into the net, just outside the 18 yard box. Flame-Scotland all fired up, nodded in a Gautier Lyon header on 79 minutes.


John Mogwai 33 Carl Koenigsmann 53 Gautier Lyon 79

John's goal was very pleasing, it was awesome to look at!
Manager UltimateMogwai (tbc).

We kept quiet in the first half, and we knew we had to change tactics. And it worked. They were trying to trip us all the time, we ran rally at the end!
Manager Clyde1998 (tbc).

Outer Troopers 2-1 Royal Atlantica

Petunia headed home on 57 minutes, only for Rufus to equalize 3 minutes later. But a counter attack lead Tyr to score 6 minutes from time.


Petunia 57

Rufus 60

Tyr 84

The Waves FC 2-3 Gearworks FC

Pyro and Sentinel drone made his side ahead in 32 minutes. But, Mick scored on 55 minutes, and again 2 minutes later, both from open play.

The drone's showed a new lease of life today, two greatly struck strikes. Could I ask for more?
Manager DisturbedCrow (tbc).

We lacked pace, and skill and we were simply outplayed, we can only look ahead.
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

Team Genetic 3-1 FC APIM

A Sheila Piunazj deflection lead to Genetic taking a early lead, which inspired, Razor and Neo Koopa to take his side into a 3-0 lead before the break. Dux tapped in a goal from open play late on.


Sheila Piunazj OG 11 Razor 34 Neo Koopa 37 Dux 81

We left it late to leave our impact on the game, and a mixture or time and tiredness simply overcame us today.
Manager Arend (tbc).

Our menacing tactics to counter attack and use power paid off. We could go far with this!

King Plumber's Army 0-0 Team Gemstones

Unten smacked the woodwork and Thomas skyed a tap in after poor conditions lead to studs flying and shots flying.

We need to learn to cope with these conditions, we can keep trying and break the spell.
Manager Number-1-Pokemon-Fan-Eltario (tbc).

We got a point, but dropping points at home isn't good enough if we are still in the race for this title challenge!
Manager King Plumber.

Nintendo All-Stars FC 2-1 Team Steel

Everyone remembers the 7-0 away thumping by the Nintendo All-Stars on the first day of the season with a fantastic Zero Suit Samus performance. And Samus broke the deadlock, after they kept trying and dominated the game, heading in a free kick. And Link added a half-volley in the third minute of stoppage time.


Samus 71 Link 90+3

We still dominated the game, and I'm happy with that.
Manager Captain N.

Well, at least we got a goal, we did secretly expect this today, but we tried.
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).

Team Lios Lions 1-1 Team Freaky

Mr. Chilli's shot clipped the underside of the bar and went over the line to add to his prolific scoring form. But late in the second half, McBoo's long goalkick was knocked on by Booberry.


Mr. Chilli 44 Booberry 85

We showed the we were tired at the end, but we didn't give up and used long ball football. And it payed off! A well earnt point to make up for a poor first half.
Manager McQueenMario (tbc).

I reckon I could break a FFL record.
Mr. Chilli.

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