Dark Red Royals 2-1 Team Nutty

Team Nook 0-2 Moose FC

Illogical FC 3-1 Doodleland Dodgers

Mushroom Kingdom FC 2-0 Team Mega-Bus

Team Sew'n 0-3 Mad Robots

Royal Atlantica 3-2 Team Toucan

Gearworks FC 0-0 Team Flame-Scotland

Sentinel Drone whacked wide in the first 9 seconds, but the games initial promise brought little hope. Flame rattled the crossbar and "Macca" somehow missed from a yard by firing over.

Well I asked for a instant impact... it didn't pay off. But we got a point, our defense has been solid this season.
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).

Miss of the season? Look no further!

FC APIM 2-1 Outer Troopers

Team Gemstones 2-2 The Waves FC

Team Steel 2-1 Team Genetic

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