Team Nook 0-0 Dark Red Royals

YoshiEgg Nook's 18 yard shot was fumbled by Groudious Maximus was the best chance of the game. Where neither side troubled and Mick Cool was sent off for two handballs.

He was defending, in my opinion, they were both ball to hand.
Manager Micool26 (tbc).

No need to boast, but I thought it was going in to be honest.
YoshiEgg Nook.

Team Nutty 2-1 Illogical FC

A header won by Spider on Beary in the area was seemingly going out for a corner, but went over Silence and in, Jeremy Coarson soon levelled with a finely struck strike, for only it to be disallowed. And he then won a penalty, on the 47th which he offered to take and score, but it was Beary who grabbed the winner on the hour mark, almost replicating Coarson's disallowed goal.


Spider OG 8

Jeremy Coarson 47

Beary 60

Moose FC 1-2 Mushroom Kingdom FC

DeLanie Peterson picked up a looseball from a goal kick scrap to run up to the keeper one on one and slot it home on 26 minutes. But, overconfident, brought down Mario in the penalty area two minutes, later, sent off, Mario easily converted in the morale diminished Lord Mambo. Peach crossed in a corner to meet the head of Diddy, it whacked the top right corner, but Peach ran in to head home, late in the second half.


DeLanie Peterson 26

Mario 28

Peach 87

We lost some flair in the way we played after the sending off and the quick goal to respond to ours.
Manager Henrydamoose (tbc).

I didn't expect to score, I honestly thought Diddy's shot was going in or over, not on the woodwork.

Doodleland Dodgers 2-1 Team Sew'n

Ramona headed home from the penalty spot from a Zak cross after recieving a pass from a Darkclaw corner. Hooly tapped in a second a few minutes after the second half begun. And a drab performance by Team Sew'n was slightly redeemed by Ninja-Black shooting 27 minutes from time.


Ramona 21

Hooly 50

Ninja-Black 73

Team Mega-Bus 0-1 Royal Atlantica

Rufus last gasp 18 yard goal took a deflection to score, which reflected on a defensive game for both sides.


Rufus 88

Well, the team must have a lot of bruises, we can be proud of your defensive performance, though.
Manager Samtendo09 (tbc).

Sometimes, it's the defense who win a game for you, and it showed today, or in there case, lose!
Manager Half-blood2000 (tbc).

Mad Robots 2-1 Gearworks FC

The Gearworks Gaming Derby was heatly contested, Pyro Drone was sent off in the first 28 minutes for a two footed tackle on Xarz just outside the area. But, Melice curled a free-kick against the post, but the rebound was headed in by Cheepel. Soon after, Gearworks were back in it with a fine Malcolm Leychester strike. All fired up for the second half, straight from the kick-off Xarz violently got revenge on Gearworks, when bringing down Slimebot for a instant red. Gearworks tried and tried more than the Mad Robots, but Langhl's exceptional long ball was recieved by Betolpy to pass to Scyplo in the area and tap home.


Cheepel 29

Malcolm Leychester 41

Scyplo 78

It was as heated as a desert summer, I'm over the moon that we came out victourious
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

It was a bit too much rough and tumble today. I didn't like it, and I didn't like the result, we did ok though.
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).

Team Toucan 3-0 FC APIM

A Jack Johnson slide tackle in the penalty area bringing down Minnie was a stonewall penalty, Olivalley saw the ball rolling into the net, he didn't dive as he though that it would be a penalty, but how wrong was he. 1-0 to Toucan, in one of the most strangest of circumstances, advantage played, and a red card for Jack in the process. Suzy lost moral then in the defence, faulting to let Brute fire a brace in the second half.


Jack Johnson OG 39 Brute 57, 74

Jack is a influential character in the team, and all the team lost morale when he recieved double embarrasment, a own goal, and a early bath!
Manager Arend (tbc).

They were weak, we picked on them like a pack of vultures today.
Carl the Toucan.

Team Flame-Scotland 0-0 Team Gemstones

The keepers were kept busy and Cellachan Mackay had the best chance with a volley from a corner, was saved by Blaze the Lucario, to then rattle the woodwork.

Scoring a goal is the hardest thing in football, we need to change our tactics if it didn't work today, and we will keep trying.

We need to find the missing piece in our team to why we didn't score, we seemed fine enough to me, anyway, as always we will soldier on for the Tartan Army!

Outer Troopers 1-2 Team Steel

A rainy surface at the Koopa Collesium lead to many loose balls and created the first goal, a first-time strike from Vulcan picking up the ball on the edge of the area, and a similar circumstance lead to the equalizer, Corbus' corner header seemingly going wide, halted by the wet conditions lead Tyr to tap it in. All to play for in the second half. Hau buried in the winner after a great Steel passing move.


Vulcan 13 Tyr 27 Hau 72

I won't blame the conditions for our second half performance, we were poor.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

Satisfying, hopefully a clearer surface will give us a clean sheet next time, eh!
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).

The Waves FC 2-1 Team Freaky

A McBoo save whacked the post and went in, with a acrobatic Mick celebration. O'Lantern grabbed a equaliser with a tap in, and Nick grabbed a winner from open play.


Mick 23 O'Lantern 61 Nick 73

The fans really got behind the lads today to secure us victory.
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

Neither sides were favourites in this match, so I expected a close game, but they were just simply better than us, we need to buck our ideas up, I guess.
Manager McQueen Mario (tbc).

Team Genetic 2-0 Team Lios Lions

Martin Breeze examined the Genetic attack well, making plenty if fine saves before beginning to tire, letting in two sloppy goals from setpieces near the end. Mr. Chilli came closest for Lios Lions by smacking the woodwork.


Razor 78 Shy Bones 90+2

Martin can be proud of his performance as his defense were hardly awake today! It's easy for me to see where we need to improve next.
Manager Stelios7 (tbc).

We really gnawed at them today and it payed off as we really did deserve to get something out of this game.
Manager Lemmykoopa24 (tbc).

King Plumber's Army 2-1 Nintendo All-Stars FC

A Chief Dongorio penalty conceded, lead Falco to take the lead, and a Kirby header quickly equalized, but a inspired KPA passing move settled the two. Started by the the teams manager, with Thomas rounded it off after volleying a pass from David, from close range, and KPA outplayed there opponents through the rest of the match.


Falco 29

Kirby OG 40

Thomas 68

I saw the gaps, they were leaving lost of spaces, so I thought, it's time to start a passing move here, and it paid off, we ran rings around them today
Manager King Plumber.

Taking the lead with a penalty gave us false morale to make us lose today, it was that simple.

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