Mushroom Kingdom FC 0-0 Dark Red Royals

Bowser Jr.'s soft header rattling the woodwork was the best sign of a goal today. But Micool the Master and Wario were both sent off.

I think that Toadsworth would agree with me, both sides were poor today.
Manager Micool26 (tbc).

They're complaining about the sending off for Micool, but TOO BAD!

Illogical FC 2-1 Team Sewn

Yellow struck and scored from inside the area after recieving a pass from Mr. Wrinkle, Robot slipped when going in for a Strafe tackle in which he saw a gap and went to score a beauty by placing the ball into the top corner 9 minutes later on 17 minutes, both teams were rather quiet until half-time, but were all fired up by the fact that is was anyones game, and a end to end cup tie atmostphere, it was Illogical who grabbed the winner, with Ranai wreking the net with a 20 yard screamer.


Yellow 6 (pen) Strafe 17 Ranai 80

We can be proud of our peformance even though we lost.
Manager UltimateMogwai (tbc).

The game was so epic, you knew someone had to win it at some time and we did!

Team Nook 3-2 Royal Atlantica

Rufus took a shot and was fumbled by the diving Tucker, with Teardrop running to it, Tucker dived onto the ball but it went into the net, a horrific own goal on 8 minutes, his second of the season. And it was a horrific slide tackle which led to the second goal, Hydra heckling M'Icho in the box, who allowed YoshiEgg Nook to convert the penalty on 37 minutes to seemingly level the sides at the break... but a Athene Metals tap in from close range on 43 minutes, paved the way for victory into the break for Royal Atlantica. And it seemed that way, The Groo scaring the Atlantica defence with a header on 71 minutes, they kept trying, but it was too late to grab a third... until Rhode intercepting a Atlantic keep-ball move in the last minute of stoppage time, pumping a ball forward, The Groo received it well by chesting it, he passed it to CrackedEgg Nook in the box and the ball rattled the post, but Bloop ran off his maker Hyrda to tap it in and score from the rebound.


Tucker (OG) 8 YoshiEgg Nook (pen) 37 Athene Metals 43 The Groo 71 Bloop 90+3

This... feels... EPIC!

They had some dominant figures out their like The Groo today, who never lost spirit and just kept going, patiently soldiering on and I guess it paid off, but we did ok though, but you could tell we started to tire near the end after that dynamic first half.
Manager Half-blood2000 (tbc).

Team Nutty 1-2 Gearworks FC

Beary fired his side into the lead on 28 minutes with a tap in, but Gearworks came out inspired at the break in a drone dominated match, the move which led to the first goal was the defence exchangeing passes and the Sentintel Drone picking out Scoutry on the flank, Scoutry dribbled closer to the net, round the defense and tapped it past the keeper, on 56 minutes, and the Pyro Drone added a tap-in several minutes later.


Beary 28 Scoutry 56 Pyro Drone 60

We dominated the first half and must of thought we could of held on after a brilliant first half performance.
Manager Peanutjon (tbc).

They never lost heart, and I admire them for that, oh and did I mention? We weren't that half-bad either!
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).

Moose FC 2-1 FC APIM

A sublime Suzy Sweetheart strike gave her side the lead on 57 minutes, for only Pineapple to equalize after recieveing a Porkchop pass 5 minutes later. Moon headed the winner in on 85 minutes, the ball bouncing before going in and over the line.


S. Sweetheart 57 Nado 67 Moon 85

Our strikeforce both bagged goals today, it always is a confidence boost when they do that and is showed today when they nicked it late!
Manager Henrydamoose (tbc).

A sweet strike from the Sweetheart! Shame we didn't succeed into victory today.
Jack Johnson.

Doodleland Dodgers 0-0 Team Gemstones

Forter whacking the woodwork was the only chance in a 0-0 bore where no side really threatened.

I was losing sleep over how we would fare today, could of stayed in bed.

Well, at least I could annoy Uilee all day, ALL DAY... ALL DAY, ALL DAY! ALL DAY! ALL DAYYYYYYY!
Bearded Smiley.

Team Mega-Bus 2-1 Team Steel

Aten going down in the box made Vulcan convert the penalty on 50 minutes, but Mega-Bus were soon to win a penalty of their own, when Entropy brought down Nado, which he converted 9 minutes later. And it was Mega-Bus who grabbed the winner. Sam the Koopa found some space and took a shot, it was deflected off Hau and the loose ball was being chased by King Kube Bot and Uriel, Kube Bot slid in, and Cubey picked the ball up on just the edge of the area, he shot and curled the ball into the top corner of the net on 87 minutes, what a beauty!


Vulcan 50 (pen) Nado 59 Cubey 87

Too many loose balls were conceded by us in that game, I won't blame the wet and rainy conditions, we were poor.
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).


Mad Robots 1-2 Team Freaky

It was end to end in this match to make up for a mediocre first half. Akro Bat headed in a Booberry cross after receiving a pass from a Tranzformez corner on 73 minutes, Mad Robots immeadeatly replied with a Melice mega-strike form 28 yards, helped by a fine run. Scribboy headed in a effort 7 minutes from time, it bounced before it went in and the defence tried to block it but failed, and a poor dive from Maal.


Akro Bat 73 Melice 74 Scribboy 83

I can't believe we won... and with a header like that!

We need to rebuild our defence, maybe make a change in the last 10 minutes to help tighten our reigns.
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

Team Toucan 2-1 Team Lios Lions

The girls dominated today, Minnie scoring a header after 2 minutes in the first half, but Leila Metals equalised with picking up a loose ball and smacking the right woodwork before bouncing in on 67 minutes, but the winner was grabbed just 3 minutes later, Brute crossed in a effort to meet the head of Fishy, Martin Breeze got a hand to it, but the rebound was tapped in by Fruity.


Minnie 47 Leila Metals 67 Fruity 70

We really nagged at them to break down there defence tosday. Good Job Toucan!
Manager Nintendoofah64 (tbc).

This wasn't good enough, and the players know that.
Manager Stelios7 (tbc).

Team Flame-Scotland 1-0 Nintendo All-Stars FC

"Macca" curling a 27 yard free-kick into the area met the head of Clyde, was the only goal in a tough match for both sides, Meta Knight got sent off for a harsh tackle on "Richy".


Clyde 79

We could be in a world class or Sunday League game, the defence's would always be hard to break down today.
Manager Clyde1998 (tbc).

I blame myself partially responsible for not grabbing a late equaliser, I lost a heavy chunk of morale when Meta Knight got sent off.

Outer Troopers 2-1 King Plumber's Army

It took a spectacular Speedy scissor kick to break the deadlock, in the only minute of stoppage time in the first half. But, Unten dribbling up the field on 47 minutes, led to him picking out PalmMan to slot it home and score. All levelled again, both were hungry for goals and reeling for success, many attempts happened. But, Climber's shot from a corner deflected off Spaghetti and the bouncing loose ball was picked up by Tyr and scored on 87 minutes.


Speedy 45+1 Unten 47" Tyr 87

It could of gone either way, so we shouldn't celebrate a win like this too much. We did good though today, but so did they.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

You could tell we all started to tire in the last 10, 20 minutes, and it showed.

The Waves FC 0-3 Team Genetic

Scar grabbed a brace with two goals from open play in the first half. The Waves had a good few chances, at the start of the second half, most notably Wick rattling the woodwork on 59 minutes, but Scar headed in a corner to secure victory on 71 minutes. The Waves were thrashed, officially, and it was all down to one man.


Scar 17, 23, 71"

We were outstanding, I could of got more!

Well, it's time to test ourselves, how to recover from a heavy away win, especially influenced by one player.
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

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