FC APIM 1-0 Dark Red Royals

It took a good finish from Pesh to seperate these two, a nil-nil bore until the 28th minute and it was rather quiet from then on.


Pesh 28

We were as poor as they were, but Pesh was just more alert than the rest today.
Manager Micool26 (tbc).

We were poor as well as them, but we scored and won, another 3 points.
Manager Arend (tbc).

Gearworks FC 0-2 Team Gemstones

After 6 minutes, the first chance of the game was DREW firing wide, when the Behemoth Drone went to take the goal kick. He missed the ball, and backheeled it into the net. Diminished, he was then sent off by the referee for apparently protesting. But oddly, the goal still stood. A Pyro Drone was put in net, and it did rather well until letting a Uilee Tea goal in on 27 minutes from time. Poor positioning led Uilee to score from open play.


Benemoth Drone OG 6 Uilee Tea 63

Well, I am not going to argue on how poor that desicion was today. But, the Pyro Drone coped well covering.
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).

It was a odd way to win, but we did it.
Manager Number-1-Pokemon-Fan-Eltario (tbc).

Royal Atlantica 2-1 Team Steel

The battle of the champions was closely contested, but Borealis was pushed by Entropy in the area to convert a penalty on 62 minutes. Master equalised when tapping in a Somerset cross 8 minutes later. But in the 86th minute, Ritvert was running up for the corner when he cooly headed it in as the ball apporoached him.

I just saw some space so I ran to it, and BAM!

It could of gone either way, so I'm not pleased or disapointed.
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).

Team Sew'n 1-2 Team Freaky

Flaum shot from 18 yards and the effort was saved, it appeared to be the dream start, until Flaum was booked then after pushing down Ztarnoir when he was about to head a Tranzformez corner, Ztarnoir converted the penalty, taking the lead to Freaky with 7 minutes of the half left. Flaum continued his poor displinary record with a sliding tackle on Booberry and was sent off. O'Wisp whacked the free-kick agaisnt the post. And Scribboy was their to tap it in. Sew'n didn't give up, and were trying to make Freaky's long journey back to Canada misery, in the dying seconds, Red was dribbling past the Freaky defense and Akro Bat tapped the ball, but it whacked Red and helped the ball forward, O'Lantern then tried clearing it out, but it whacked Red, knocking him over, but unprepared, it goes back McBoo and goes in, GOAL! It was too late to start a comeback, but it was a odd goal to saviour.

Well, we didn't do well, our goal was a fluke, but I liked it!
Manager UltimateMogwai (tbc).

Well, I think we can all say we've never seen a goal like that before!
Manager McQueen Mario (tbc).

Mushroom Kingdom FC 3-2 Team Lios Lions

2,600 Lios Lions fans travelled to the Mushroom Kingdom and money well spent they would of thought after Mr. Chilli and Kaisser Cassia scored two goals from open play on 20 and 40 minutes, but Samuel Think brought down Luigi just before half-time, yellow card, and Luigi converted the penalty. Daisy scored a header on 67 minutes. And a good passing move started by Mario ended in Peach slotting in the winner.

We never gave up, we never lost flare. Nice!

We really lost heart and left holes which let Martin vunerable.
Manager Stelios7 (tbc).

Illogical FC 1-0 Nintendo All-Stars FC

A Jeremy Coarson header on 69 minutes seperated these two, Zelda with a volley was fumbled but saved just before the end was the best chance for the All-Stars.


Jeremy Coarson 69

I'm a right back, and we all did alright today.
Jeremy Coarson.

It's a shame we could of done better, but if we dwell to much on the past, we can't advance.
Manager Iwata.

Team Nook 0-3 King Plumber's Army

PalmMan scored the only shot on target for his side on 18 minutes into the first half, which was majorly dominated by Nook. Unten being pushed by Spectur led to him scoring a penalty on 56 minutes and on 84 minutes, Zerita shot after recieving a Cheif Dongorio free kick just outside the area. A spectaular goal from 19 yards to round off 3 points for King Plumber's Army.

Our press and play tactics, which get criticism a lot has paid off today, what a victory, what a away victory.
Manager King Plumber.

I will kick myself on how we didn't score in the first half, but we were noticeably poor in the second half.
Manager YoshiEgg (tbc).

Team Nutty 2-1 Team Genetic

A Razor own goal gave Nutty the lead after 19 minutes, Scar rattled the woodwork just two minutes later was enough to take a positive out of the first half. And Genetic were is positive spirits when Austin received a corner in the six yard box, shomehow turned round Beary and scored. And it was Beary who score the winner, a header right on the penalty spot, outraged, Brandon claimed for a free kick, but Nutty nicked it 9 minutes from time.

{{quote|That was a fine header, I had no problem with what goal.|Manager Peanutjon (tbc).

Brandon was right, Beary clearly pushed him to win that header, it probably would of been given if it was not a shot on target.
Manager Lemmykoopa24 (tbc).

Moose FC 3-1 The Waves FC

A quickfire Henry the Moose double was responded to with a Nick goal in a firery first 30 minutes and the Waves didn't give up and dominated the second half until Porkchop's shot from inside the area was converted.

Well, we never lost spirit and never gave up!
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

Considering they only have one striker up front, they sure troubled us, one more striker and we could of been toast today!
Mamager Henrydamoose (tbc).

Doodleland Dodgers 2-1 Outer Troopers

Hooly headed in from close range on 16 minutes and the Outer Troopers searched for a equaliser, and were longed til 57 minutes, Winson with the goal. But the winner came on 77 minutes, a fine piece of skill from Zak to convert a shot from a passing move.

Holding the ball for long periods of time seriously seemed to knack away at them today.
Manager Sorastitch (tbc).

We hadn't lost the hunger, we all went up too much and led gaps when we ran back, we need to stick to our positions more more often.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

Team Mega-Bus 1-1 Team Flame-Scotland

Mega-Bus dominated the first half and 500 of the 6,700 Flame-Scotland fans went home at half-time after Nado scored, but a long "Macca" run on the flank made him wind round the defense and slot home on 78 minutes, giving the Flame-Scotland fans something to cheer about.

The scoreline doesn't represent the game. We played much better.
Manager Samtendo09 (tbc).

We're not the best away this season, but we really should of beat Mega-Bus today.

Mad Robots 2-1 Team Toucan

Tina crossed in a effort to be fumbled by Coldfront and score to lighten up the mediocre first half straight from the second half off. Wingo shot just inside the 18 yard box with a sideways volley to score, and Regal won a penalty from a corner which he converted. 

We can be proud of what we achieved today, we kept our composure when they levelled with a cracker too!
Manager Uil Team (tbc).

I'm unsure whether Tina's goal was too amazing to save.
Manager Nintendoofah64 (tbc).

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