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Dark Red Royals 2-1 Team Gemstones

Team Steel 0-1 FC APIM

Team Freaky 2-3 Gearworks FC

Team Lios Lions 1-2 Royal Atlantica

Nintendo All-Stars FC 2-1 Team Sew'n

King Plumber's Army 1-0 Mushroom Kingdom FC

Team Genetic 2-1 Illogical FC

The Waves FC 0-0 Team Nook

Outer Troopers 1-2 Team Nutty

Team Flame-Scotland 2-1 Moose FC

  • Attendance: 92,656 (Away: 3,175)

Carl Koenigsmann scored Flame-Scotland's first goal in a 2-1 win at the Flame Stadium against Moose. Koenigsmann scored a wondergoal from 35 yards and it tickled Lord Mambo's top corner. Clyde crossed in for their second. Ceallachán Mackay was on the end of the cross and headed Flame-Scotland into a two goal lead. Tango the Llama Lord scored Moose's only goal. Vlasi Konstantinov brought down Porkchop in the box - and the referee gave a penalty. Tango the Llama Lord slotted it home. Substitute Aleksei Volkov almost put Flame-Scotland three up. A Clyde cross was too fast for the Russian striker. Flame-Scotland's bench consisted of players that had came through their youth team and another player came on - Irish striker Awstin Ruane hit the post and Welsh midfielder Monroe Bevan had a shot saved. The three substitutes came on for Scottish strikers Ceallachán Mackay and "Richy" and Welsh midfielder Snow Master.

I thought that our young substitutes did well when they came on. Aleksei could have scored. Awstin and Monroe also could have scored. I still had Aleksei's brother on the bench, Marlen, Cadwgan Ó Rodagh, Fionnghall Deasmhumhain and Gréagóir Ó Meadhra all could have came on and they will be playing a big part of Flame-Scotland's season. I think that the young players that started today - Gautier and Carl played well - and that's why they stayed on the pitch. Ceallachán would have stayed on - if he wasn't tired. "Richy" played well and Snow Master was great in midfield today. I felt that they need rests. It was hard to choose which players should come off, because we were playing so well. Vlasi, I fought to mention. He played well today - he did let in a goal, but we were dominating the game. Clyde played well as usual, Flame, Banana Jr., Fire Master all played well.
Clyde1998 (tbc), Manager of Team Flame-Scotland, on BBC Radio Berkshire

Team Toucan 1-1 Doodleland Dodgers

Mad Robots 0-1 Team Mega-Bus

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