Team Steel 2-1 Dark Red Royals

Mick Cool headed in a Micool the Master cross in the 1st minute of injury time. But, Somerset oging down in the box left Hark to convert the penalty just 5 minutes after the restart. The team talk must of worked as Vulcan curled a free kick into the back of the net on 56 minutes.

Vulcan's been working on his set pieces lately and it's showed today, all the hard work paid off, well done Vulcan!
Manager Metal Locked (tbc).

You can easily see that the manager's team talk must of inspired them to take the lead from us in the second half. I guess it would have to happen sooner or later.
Manager Micool26 (tbc).

Team Gemstones 1-0 Team Freaky

Bearded Ninja scored on 67 minutes was the only goal on a drab rainy afternoon. A sharp free-kick from 19 yards had the shot helped in by McBoo.


Bearded Ninja 67

What a way to win it, free-kicks are becoming a more source of goals in the modern game and it showed there today.
Manager Number-1-Pokemon-Fan-Eltario (tbc).

To be honest, I should of held that, but the shock of it and the conditions made it tougher, I guess.

FC APIM 0-3 Team Lios Lions

Mr. Chilli scored a one on one with Olivalley after receiving a Andy Pasta pass from the mid-right flank on 36 minutes, two minutes later, Lexi Lexan added with a header from a Samuel Think long ball. Mr. Chilli added his second with a shot piercing the woodwork but he coolly tapped in the rebound with the side of his foot.


Mr. Chilli 36, 54 Lexi Lexan 38

I accuse Mr. Chilli of not scoring a hat-trick!
Manager Stelios7 (tbc).

It was one sided, and their's no hiding that fact, I won't pick on bad referee decisions or wasted attempts, we were simply overwhelmed.
Manager Arend (tbc).

Gearworks FC 2-1 Nintendo All-Stars FC

Alec struck the woodwork, but the ball bounced in after shooting from an angle on 28 minutes, Link tapped in a Zero Suit Samus cross four minutes later and Malcolm Leyechester snapshot a Pyro Drone pass 16 minutes from time.


Alec 28 Link 32 Malcolm Leyechester 74

It was two sides who all were feasting for victory, but good passing football led to our victory.
Manager Waddel Dii (tbc).

The partnership of Link and Samus is satisfying to watch.
Manager Iwata.

Royal Atlantica 1-1 King Plumber's Army

PalmMan went down in the area and powered a penalty into the net on 57 minutes. Inferaedness received a ball in the box and poor positioning by DragonMan led him to slot it home 9 minutes from time.

A late point grasped at home isn't good enough, but it's points on the board.
Manager Half-blood2000 (tbc).

A point, away, not bad. I have to say that we did alright.
Manager King Plumber.

Team Sew'n 0-2 Team Genetic

Snipe struck a volley from a Razor corner to hit home on 28 minutes. Brandon added a second 15 minutes from time with a goal from open play.

It's nice that Brandon keeps nicking goals in his position.
Manager Lemmykoopa24 (tbc).

Our best chance was Flaum hitting the post and going wide, that was it, it is bad that we lost 2-0 at home, but it shows us a easy route on where we need to work on next.
Manager UltimateMogwai (tbc).

Mushroom Kingdom FC 1-2 The Waves FC

Donkey Kong headed the ball upwards to make it go into his own net on 17 minutes. In rage, he got himself sent off with a mad tackle on Wick, it seemed to be just outside the penalty area, but a penalty was awarded. And, Wick converted it on 68 minutes. Diddy Kong tried to redeem his uncle's mistakes by scoring a header from a corner on 75 minutes, but the Mushroom Kingdom simply, just didn't threat today.


Donkey Kong OG 17 Wick 68 Diddy Kong 75

Shame DK got himself sent off, he was just trying too hard enough to redeem himself.
Manager Toadsworth.

Sometimes I go into games thinking of a worst case scenario, but this was one of the best!
Manager Mick13 (tbc).

Illogical FC 2-1 Outer Troopers

Fire Elemental was sent off for the second yellow on 19 minutes, with two hefty tackles on Ybrik. The second one was in the penalty area and Ybrik converted it. Curse Vampire got his side back into it with a sweet volley inside the area from a Syria long ball lob, just before half-time. But, it was Illogical who scored the winner, Ranai took a shot after Climber headed a corner away and the shot took a deflection off Tyr and went in with 8 minutes to spare.


Ybrik 19 (pen) Curse Vampire 35 Ranai 82

We can be proud of our peformance today, we were slightly fitter than them near the end, causing gaps for us to score.
Manager JesseRoo (tbc).

We know where we went on, so all we need to do is just move on. Forget about it and move on.
Manager SonicWiki (tbc).

Team Nook 0-1 Team Flame-Scotland

Flame-Scotland brought 5,000 fans today, above average for their away figures. And they were all pleased when the deadlock was broken with a "Richy" strike on 28 minutes, Nook's best chance were a Overman Supreme header whacking the woodwork.


"Richy" 28

Richy is full of some rich talent!

We lost a bit of flare after the dull first half, and it led us to be being vunerable.
Manager YoshiEgg (tbc).

Team Nutty 0-0 Team Toucan

Dubbed, "The Battle of the animals", but the predators were quiet, Timer's header made Coldfront make a spectacular save and Fishy's one-on-one smacking the post and out were the only real chances.


Well, a nil-nil bore, let's look at the positives, it was a point away.!
Manager Nintendoofah64 (tbc).

Moose FC 2-1 Mad Robots

The 4,000 away fans were in raptures when Scyplo scored after dribbling down the field in 30 seconds, and they kept singing for the rest of that half. Full of confidence, they continued until 56 minutes, when Henry the Moose recieved a Pineapple pass to smack the woodwork, but Moon was there to tap it in. And the away fans were hushed and halted to leaving early when Cheepel shot and smacked the woodwork, the ball bounced into the other half and Gaz Price picked it up, dribbling all the way down the field, and only Regal to get past before facing Maal, he curled a shot into the back of the net on 73 minutes.


Scyplo 1 Moon 56 Gaz Price 73

We're all still buzzing after that long game of football, it never stopped flaring.

I hadn't worked myself out enough, so I decided to make a run all by my own, and it sure paid off! The winner.
Gaz Price.

Doodleland Dodgers 2-2 Team Mega-Bus

A quick-fire Meta-Form double in the first 20 minutes silenced the home fans. But, their side were back in it on 37 minutes when Nado brought down Darkclaw, he slotted it home. Dan scored early in the second half to then silence the Mega-Bus fans.


Meta-Form 9, 17 Darkclaw 37 Dan 47

We lost confidence, it slowly dropped from the 37th minute when they scored. And it was a all-time low when they scored again.
Manager Samtendo09 (tbc).

That peformance makes me proud of our players today, we could of grabbed another, but two goals is always diminishing behind or drawing.
Manager Sorastitch (tbc).

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