Dark Red Royals 2-1 Nintendo All-Stars FC

King Plumber's Army 2-2 Team Lios Lions

  • Attendance: 63,343 (3,232 Away)

It took a Martin Breeze goal-kick to break the deadlock. This goalkick was met by Mr. Chilli who flicked the ball over DragonMan's head. Savant the Goetian levelled the match on the hour mark. Player-Manager King Plumber put the hosts ahead, but with ten minutes to go Andy Pasta crossed in for Leila Metals who dragged the match back to two-all.

Team Genetic 1-2 Team Freaky

The Waves FC 1-2 Team Steel

  • Attendance: 31,323 (Away: 4,364)

Mick gave Waves the lead on the half-hour mark. It took a double from Metal Locked to swing the match in the visitors favour. His first goal was a great shot from 25 yards, and his second was a solo effort.

Outer Troopers 1-2 Team Gemstones

Team Flame-Scotland 1-1 FC APIM

  • Attendance: 92,454 (Away: 2,015)

FC APIM made the short trip to the Flame Stadium to face Flame-Scotland. Flame-Scotland could have taken the lead - a Vlasi Konstantinov goal-kick found Ceallachán Mackay and the Scot fired wide from 20 yards. Jack Johnson hit the post for the visitors as the 2,000 APIM fans thought they took the lead. They did take the lead in the second half. Flame was caught is possession and Pesh capitalised. Clyde found the net for Flame-Scotland late on - but the home fans would have been disappointed with the performance.

We were poor today - we need to show our fans at Royal Atlantica what we can do.
Clyde on BBC Radio Berkshire

We are disappointed that we didn't win today after being in such a great position, however we need to take the point - as it will be a huge point for our season.

It keeps happening - we need to stop going behind to wake up. It's another two points dropped and later on in the season we could see the effects of all these dropped points. It could cost us the league title. However, fair play to FC APIM today they played well, but I feel we should have won the game - and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I feel that it's disappointing not to show our fans what we can do. At Royal Atlantica next week we have to win or I fear that we won't be in the title race come the end of the season.
Clyde1998 (tbc) on BBC Radio Berkshire

We haven't had much luck this year, but what is luck. You make your own luck. Someone once said to me that luck is where preparation meets opportunity.
Vlasi Konstantinov on BBC Radio Berkshire

Team Toucan 2-2 Gearworks FC

Mad Robots 1-1 Royal Atlantica

Team Mega-Bus 0-0 Team Sew'n

  • Attendance: 18,534 (2,353 Away)

Mega-Bus and Sew'n drew 0-0 in a game of few chances at the Dreamland Stadium. Flaum had the best chance for Sew'n putting his shot past the Mega-Bus post.

Doodleland Dodgers 2-2 Mushroom Kingdom FC

  • Attendance: 37,565 (1,767 Away)

Zak hit two goals as Doodleland Dodgers and Mushroom Kingdom FC drew two-two with each other. Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr. score the goals for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Moose FC 2-1 Illogical FC

Team Nutty 1-2 Team Nook

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