Fantendo Football League Show
The Logo of the Fantendo Football League Show
Producer(s) Flame TV
Distributor(s) Flame TV
Broadcaster(s) FTV1
FTV Sports Fantendo
Type Highlights
Genre(s) Sports
First Air Date(s)
Season 1 - Week 1
Last Air Date(s)
Season 4 - Week 32
Age Rating(s)
Opening Theme Madeon - The City
Ending Theme Madeon - Finale
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Original Language English
Season(s) 4
Episodes 126 confirmed
Runtime 60 minutes
Status Active

The Fantendo Football League Show is the highlights program for the Fantendo Football League, broadcast after every week of action.

The History of the Show

Presenter History

Presenters Seasons Notes
Season 1 Sometimes with a guest.
Season 2 Sometimes with a guest.
Sometimes with only one Presenter
"Richy" Season 3 With a guest
Fire the Dragon Season 4 With a guest

Logo History


Show 1

"Richy" and "Soap" welcomed Team Flame-Scotland captain Clyde into the studio. They reviewed a week of Fantendo Football League action. Also, they talked about the title race. A win the next match would make Team Steel champions. They odds for the title was: Steel - 1/30, Flame-Scotland - 30/1. The two teams meet on the final day of the season - the match being shown live on Fantendo Sports Show on FTV Sports 1, HD1 and 3D. They also talked about how good the referees are in the modern game. With Clyde saying "Some are good, some are bad. Some have good games, some have bad games. You will never get a ref that spots everything. The refs aren't getting worse - it's that you can now see the games from every angle, and in the past you didn't!" Then they showed F.F.L. Bloopers and In The Stands. They talked about they new clubs going into the league, before ending the show. They asked that fans to write, text and phone in for the next Fantendo Football League Show.

Season 3

Season 4


F.F.L. Bloopers

Misses, Own-Goals, Mistakes on the pitch

In The Stands

Mistakes in the Stands

In The News

Latest News