The Fantendo Football League Cup is a football (soccer) competition played between sides is the Fantendo Football League.


Season 2

The first Fantendo Football League Cup was during the second Fantendo Football League campaign. The tournament was won by Team Steel over eventual league champions Royal Atlantica.

Season 3

Due to the expansion of the league to 24 teams, the Fantendo Football League Cup had to give eight bies into the second round of the competition. These teams were the top eight teams from the second Fantendo Football League season. The cup was won by Team Flame-Scotland, who later won the league, over their biggest rivals and the holders of the competition - Team Steel.

Season 4

As expected due to further teams being added, the cup was again reworked. A Preliminary Round was added to the tournament. The eight newest teams to the Fantendo Football League enter at the stage. The four winners and the remaining twenty-eight teams enter in Round One. The tournament contintues through Round Two, the Quarter-Finals, the Semi-Finals and the Final. The Semi-Final and the Final are still played at neutral venues.


If a match is level after 90 minutes, then the game goes into a 30-minute period of extra-time. If the match is still level after that, then the game goes into penalties.


Season Winner Score Runners-Up Stadium Semi-Finalists
2 (2010-11) Steel 2-1 Atlantica Flame Stadium Flame & Lions
3 (2011-12) Flame 2-0 Steel McBoo's Mansion Gearworks & Robots

TV Rights

The TV rights are owned by Flame TV and Steli Channel. FTV has two matches from the first round, as does Steli Channel. For the second round, both broadcasters, again, get two matches. For round three, both broadcasters get one match. For the semi-final, the broadcasters get one match each. For the final, the game is shown by both broadcasters. FTV gets the first pick of matches in all rounds.

Prize Money

Many bigger clubs, most notably Flame-Scotland have started to take the tournament less seriously, due to the small amount of prize money awards - compared to the league. A Division One team, who start in Round One, would receive a maximum of £4,800,000 in the cup, compared to a payout of £16,000,000 for finishing bottom of Division One.

Round Winners Losers TV Money
P £50,000 £0 £75,000
1 £100,000 £0 £150,000
2 £200,000 £0 £300,000
QF £400,000 £0 £600,000
SF £800,000 £400,000 £1,200,000
F £1,600,000 £800,000 £2,400,000

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