Team Nook vs Team Sew'n is a game in the Fantendo Football League.

09' YELLOW Robot booked for a tackle on Rhode.
11' WIDE Bear takes a shot from a Sew'n scramble with The Groo in which he wins.
13' WIDE M'Icho wins the ball and lobs a cross in to the head of Bloop it just goes wide.
19' YELLOW Mr. Wrinkle booked for a push on Tulip Nook.
24' GOAL Mr. Green passes to Ninja-Black who takes a shot which he didn't intend to after keeping a throw-in in. Contender for a goal of the season.
30' RED Flaum booked for a two-footed malicious tackle on YoshiEgg Nook inside the area, penalty.
32' GOAL YoshiEgg Nook cooly places the ball in the bottom corner to his right.
37' YELLOW John Mogwai dukes past Tulip Nook who pushes him after. Must of been flirting! :P
39' GOAL M'Icho wins the ball from Red's header to Yellow, he dribbles up the field and passes to The Groo and passes back and get's past Mr. Green, Ninja Black slide tackles M'Icho. Advantage played. And it works! Bloop picks the loose ball up. When M'Icho gets up he runs into the box, Bloop crosses it in, it misses Spectur and Spryt's heads but M'Icho taps it in when it bounces, leaving Mr. Hidden and the whole stadium stunned.
50' SAVE Mr. Hidden saves a Overman Supreme effort from outside the 18-yard box.
55' WIDE Mr. Wrinkle tries to tackle YoshiEgg Nook, he can't it's just one on one in the area form a great Nook counter-attack to make it 3-1, he shoots, saved by the keeper, Nook slides the ball to keep it in, but he makes it just go off, goal kick.
70' YELLOW Yellow gets a Yellow for a hand ball from a Yellow keepy uppy master class to Overman Supreme. Try saying that again!
75' SAVE William Scratch gets a fingertip to a Ninja-Black half-volley form a Mr. Green corner.
78' YELLOW Red booked for a tackle on Rhode.
87' SAVE Scratch comes out to punch away a corner, the effort from far out my Yellow is saved well by a dive to the right.
89' SAVE Mr. Hidden does well after YoshiEgg Nook starts and ends a passing move from two minutes, YoshiEgg Nook shoots, while the keeper stays near his line as YoshiEgg Nook's tiredness can't help him put it away.

== Interviews ==

Mudkeep: so i herd u leik Tuleep Nuk.


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