Fantendo Football League/Season 3/Fixtures/Mad Robots v Dark Red Royals is a game in Fantendo Football League Season 3.

03' SAVE Groudious Maximus saves a Xarz header which bounces on the floor at speed.
05' SAVE Another save from a Scyplo scissor-kick, well held.
08' WIDE Micool curls a shot wide, there is a strong wind happening today.
16' SAVE Gardenia chips a ball past the Mad Robots defines to a onside Gihrana, it hits the crossbar and the rebound is tipped to the side for a corner.
18' YELLOW Micool booked for a Melice slide tackle.
20' YELLOW Melice gets her revenge but it booked.
22' WIDE A awkward angle chance scrambles wide by Betolpy from a Regal pass.
29' SAVE A Mick Cool header from a ambitious Micool Corner is scrambled but saved.
31' YELLOW Tina booked from a handball from a Elfain pass.
39' SAVE Maal gets his body round Mick Cool's fast but small shot.
41' GOAL Cheepel smacks a header from a Langhl corner.
50' GOAL Elfain passes to Betolpy who sends a long ball to Cheepel he passes to Xarz in the six-yard box who passes it back to Maal, he whips the ball in and Sacel takes a header, a fantastic Maximus diving save falls to the right who Langhl is there with a sliding tackle to secure it in.
64' Regal booked for a Gardenia slide tackle.
70' WIDE Tina passes to Melice who nutmegs Micool Mick Cool misses the sliding tackle. Melice gets overconfident and fires from far. It goes straight ahead of her and foes wide.
72' SAVE Langhl blocks Micool's header, which seemed to be heading wide.
74' YELLOW Betolpy booked for a Gardenia sliding tackle.
76' Xarz booked for a quick tackle on Mick Cool after frustrated on losing the book.
78' WIDE Cheepel controls a failed goal kick takes a first tome shot but somehow goes wide.
87' Dribbling Bonanza from Regal who receives a Langhl pass, after a quick link-up with Maal, Regal pumps a lon ball which can't meet Cheepel's head.

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