Fantendo Football League/Season 3/Fixtures/Gearworks FC v FC APIM is a game in Fantendo Football League Season 3.

01' WIDE Roxanne sends a shot flying wide.
03' YELLOW For the RS slimebot.
05' GOAL A Scoutry long ball is controlled by Malcolm, a Sentinel drone takes over and passes to the Yellow card simebot just outside the penalty area. A late Dux slide tackle is ignored, meanwhile the other slimebot chips the ball up in the six yard box and the Sentinel Drone smacks the ball in with a diving header.
07' WIDE Dux chips the ball to Pesh, he volleys but it slows and lows and goes wide.
09' WIDE A bullet goal kick slows down from the Benemoth Drone it bounces in the penalty area and Cole taps it to Alec who is one on one but sends it wide to the left of the goal.
11' YELLOW Dux booked for a push on a Pyro Drone.
13' WIDE Pashie intercepts a Augusto Mendez passing streak by reading the ball well. She just needs to get past Antares before being one on one but she can't get round so she tries a shot but it goes wide.
23' YELLOW Sheila booked for a Augusto Mendez push.
25' SAVE A Scoutry shot in the penalty area is blocked by Besh.
27' YELLOW Surchin booked for a Benemoth Drone tackle.
31' WIDE Suzy links up with Dux who passes back but Suzy misses it Teddy keeps It in play he crosses it it in and it meets Jack Johnson's head it's saved and the Pesh tap in goes wide.
35' WIDE Scoutry's shot from the corner of the penalty area goes wide, one of the best chances of the half.
39' YELLOW Jack booked for a Antares push.
47' SAVE Besh smacks a ball to the still Benemoth Drone.
59' WIDE Cole and Alec pass and pass then the return in the box from Alec goes to far and can't meet his or a Slimebot's head.
76' WIDE Slimebot intercepts a Shelia pass and shoots first time and it goes wide.
89' WIDE A Slimebot passes to his companion froma corner he shoots but it goes wide.

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