Fantendo Football League/Season 3/Fixtures/FC APIM v Team Freaky is a game in Fantendo Football League Season 3.

'01 Freaky's defence see off a attack and bring the ball to Sonic he curls a shot, but it goes wide.
'03 YELLOW Roxanne with a handball which seemed accidental.
'08 OVER Baby Wario link-ups with Mario well to send a golden chance flying.
'19 SAVE Mario shows some skill and curls a shot but Olivalley gets his body round it.
23' GOAL Dux smashes a Pesh and Pashie one two pass straight past the stunned McBoo, Baby
27' Teddy Bear fires a long ball flank to flaunt to Shelia, Surchin taps the ball to Pashie who flicks the ball onto Jack Johnson, he finds Suzy who is intercepted, but Teddy Bear is there with a spectacular sliding tackle, Pesh takes over and crosses it in to find Jack Johnson's head. Surley... Akron Bat blocks the ball off the line, corner.
29' YELLOW A Baby Mario yellow for a trip on Olivalley in the box.
31' YELLOW Teddy Bear booked for a light two footed tackle on Ztanoir.
33' WIDE Ghoshi intercepts a APIM move and shoots, but just scrambles wide.
37' YELLOW Ghosi booked for a Suzy Sweetheart tackle.
Half Time
48' WIDE Baby Waluigi passes to O'Lantern ooh what a long ball to Baby Luigi, he taps it to Sonic who taps it to Mario he shoots. Ooh, wide it was a awkward angle to be fair.
53' SAVE Jack Johnson's volley from a Pashie cross takes a deflection off Pesh and the ball is scooped up.
57' SAVE McBoo runs out and dives to a Dux pass to a offside Roxanne.
65' SAVE Mario's shot is deflected off Ollivaley, it falls to Sheila who clears.
68' YELLOW Sonic booked for a Sheila push.
70' OVER A pass and move workout by APIM gives McBoo a scare with Dux's good but optimistic shot.
72' YELLOW booked for a slide tackle on Baby Wario.
74' YELLOW Baby Waluigi slide tackles Roxanne after failing to receive Baby Luigi's pass.
80' WIDE Baby Mario runs up but his header from Mario's cross-in from Sonic's corner goes wide.
83' Mario's shot is blocked by Besh.
85' WIDE Baby Mario whacks a snapshot effort wide.
87' SAVE Sonic is tackled by Surchin, it falls to Besh, he sprints up the field and Pesh is there, he dribbles past O'Lantern and sidesteps past and around Akro Bat, he shoots but McBoo takes the shot and holds it well.

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