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Shelled v Steel was the first match in the Fantendo Football League season 2. It would be a game with the Champions being taught a lesson by the newbies Team Shelled were victorius 2-1 and with both teams with LESS Players than they started with!

Shelled V Steel
Final Score Shelled 2-1 Steel
Event Fantendo Football League
Disco Kid Man of the Match Dashed Koopa
Team Shelled



Team Shelled

This summer I plan to race. So I promise, I will steer the time to victory !
Dashed Koopa Team Shelled Captain.

Team Steel

{{quote|I have returned with the players as a fresh start, delete the old and bring in the new.|{{User:Metal Locked}] Team Steel Manager. }}



Team Freaky Kick-Off.

'05 - OFF THE LINE Vulcan clears off the line after a Toadtool Header.

'16 - GOAL Dashed Koopa nutmegs 2 Team Steel Players and takes a shot just inside the area the curve sends the keeper the wrong way.

'18 - WIDE Cross by Hau goes wide.

'22 - OVER Entropy runs up the field, but fires it in Row Z. Team Steel Look Shakey.

'23 - CHANCE WASTED Toadtool's pass to Dashed Koopa inside the Penalty Area

'23 - SAVED Hau has a poor effort held by General Spook.

'27 - WIDE Vulcan sends a shot wide.

'29 - FOUL Yellow for Zen Guy for Handball.

'33 - SAVED Zen Guy passes to Shroobster who sends a long ball down the flanks to Axwell shoots save, held it well and held the game in the balance.

TWO Minutes added time. '45+2 - FOUL Uriel gets a Yellow for sliding Toadtool with studs out.


Second Half

Illogical FC Kick-Off.

'50 - CROSSBAR Vulcan shoots and smacks the crossbar, it just creeps over for a Goal Kick.

'54 - RED CARD Zen Guy

'69 - GOAL Not the best second half but a blunder by Uriel leaves Dashed Koopa to tap the ball in after a poor step over. 2-0

'70 - YELLOW Axwell gets a yellow for a shirt pull.

'79 - PENALTY V the Penguin brings down Entropy from a corner which was flying out for a throw in. No Card. AND VULCAN PUTS IT AWAY! 2-1

'81 - RED CARD Uriel takes a early bath, A two foot tackle sends Toadtool flying, temper will flare between them in the reverse fixture!

'83 - MISS Vulcan passes to Hau who smashes the ball in the side netting.

'88 - SAVED Thuind dribbles a General Spook goal kick up half the length of the Pitch, but it's saved.

Three minutes added time.

'92 - SAVED General Spook has been quite quiet this match, but the made a early contender for a save of the season!



Team Shelled

Team Steel

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