Team Nook v Illogical FC
Final Score 'Nook 5-4 Illogical
Event Fantendo Football League
Ground McBoo's Mansion
Attendance 79,124
HC's Man of the Match YoshiEgg Nook
Team Nook

The match between Team Nook and Illogical FC was a match in the Fantendo Football League, more properly in the Second Season.

It was broadcasted in Hybrid Channel.



Team Nook

We're not some of those teams who say that "it was destiny". Because, of course, destiny can be changed. We're ready to win, full of energy. It's just the start of this season, but we're gonna do it well.
YoshiEgg Nook, captain of the team.

We're gonna win.. We have no doubt of it. It's the start of a new season, a new start, a new soccer play. We will surprise everybody with a new style. It's truly amazing, from what I've learned in these trainings.
Bloop, sub-captain of the team.

Illogical FC

I'm hungry, but that doesn't matter. We're gonna win. Seeing how the Nook's Squad have trained, it's highly illogical, but... isn't our team named like that?
3.14, defender

The Match

First Half

Second Half

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