Mega-Bus v Flame-Scotland
Final Score
Event Fantendo Football League
Ground Dreamland Stadium
Attendance 65,675
FTV Man of the Match Clyde

Team Mega-Bus vs Team Flame-Scotland was a match in the second season of the Fantendo Football League. The hosts being new to the league, while the visitors were the league's runners-up, in the previous season.


In their first match, Mega-Bus drew with Lios Lions 1-1, while Flame-Scotland were beaten 1-2 at home to Freaky.



  • 1' - Flame-Scotland take the kick-off and head straight down the pitch - Clyde chips the ball towards King Boo, who scores from 12 yards. It only took Flame-Scotland 13 seconds to take the lead.
  • 4' - Baby Yoshi is tripped on the edge of the box. Clyde puts the resulting free-kick into the top corner of the net. 2-0 Flame-Scotland.
  • 14' - Yoshi sprints 65 yards down the pitch - before slotting the ball into the Mega-Bus net. 3-0 Flame-Scotland.
  • 45' - The match comes to half-time with the scoree 3-0 Flame-Scotland.


  • 67' - Clyde scores from 30 yards, after poor defending from Mega-Bus.
  • 69' - Clyde scores his hat-trick from a free-kick.
  • 86' - Flame leads a counter-attack from a Mega-Bus corner, calmy finishing from 10 yards.


The match ends with Flame-Scotland running out 6-0 winners at the Dreamland Stadium. Flame-Scotland jump above their opponents following this match.

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