Top scorers

Player Club Nationality Goals
Andy Pasta Team Lios Lions Italian 10
Ella Metals Team Lios Lions Welsh 7
Clyde Team Flame-Scotland Scottish 5
Vulcan Team Steel TBA 2
Padge Team Lios Lions Greek
Cortez Team Steel TBA
Baby Mario Team Freaky Italian 1
McBoo Team Freaky Canadian
Flame Team Flame-Scotland English
Banana Jr. Team Flame-Scotland Scottish

Most assists

Player Club Nationality Goals
Ghoularry Team Freaky TBA 2
Yoshi Team Flame-Scotland TBA 1
Ztarnoir Team Freaky TBA


  • Fastest goal in a match: Clyde (19')
  • Goal scored at the latest point in a match: McBoo (96')
  • Winning goal scored at the latest point in a match:
  • First own goal of the season: Banana Jr.
  • First hat-trick of the season: Clyde
  • Widest winning margin:
  • Most goals in one half: 5 (Flame-Scotland v Freaky)
  • Most goals in one half by a single team: Flame-Scotland (3)
  • Most goals scored by losing team:
  • Most goals scored in a match by one player: Clyde (3)
  • Shortest time between goals: 1 minute



  • Longest first half injury time: 0 minutes
  • Longest second half injury time: 5 minutes
  • Worst start:

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