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The matches between Team Lios Lions v Team PushoPoké, Moose FC v Team Nook & Team PushoPoké v Team Tone were shown on FTV Sports 1, HD1 and 3D, all in the space of three days. They were part of the Fantendo Football League.


Team Lios Lions v Team PushoPoké - 12:45

  • 6' - Little Mac punts the ball down field, Benjiman Metals heads the ball to TBA - who smashes it home. Lios Lions 1-0 PushoPoké.
  • 36' - Bashie turns past TBA and beats Amber Amber and Samuel Think before placing the ball past Little Mac. 1-1.
  • 79' - Cubby Kid beats five before going down. A penalty is given. TBC smashes it past Olivalley. 2-1 Lios Lions
  • FT - Lios Lions beat PushoPoké to continue a good run of form. A 2-1 win for Lios Lions.

Moose FC v Team Nook - 16:05

  • 48' - M'Icho smashes the ball up-pitch and Overman Supreme flicks home. 1-0 Nook.
  • 89' - Porkchop turns with the ball and hits it past William Scratch, 1-1.
  • FT - A draw that is worth-less to both sides.


Team PushoPoké v Team Tone - 20:00

  • 32' - Vincent Eggie puts in a cross that Pashie heads home. 1-0 PushoPoké.
  • 78' - Purple Koopa Bro. scores a great solo goal. He beat Surchin, Pikachu, Buneary and Justin Time before scoring. 1-1.
  • FT - The teams could only manage a draw.

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