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FTV Sports
FTV Sports
FTV Sports HD
FTV Sports 3D
Presented By Luigi
Purple Koopa Bro.
Commentators "Richy"
Number of Viewers TBA
Man of the Match TBA
Match Rating TBA

The Fantendo Football League matches between Team Freaky & Team Nook and Team Lios Lions & Moose FC were shown on FTV Sports HD's Super Sunday. It was shown on FTV Sports 1, FTV Sports HD1 and FTV Sports 3D. They also showed goals on FTV Sports News.

Freaky v Nook

Freaky v Nook
Final Score 3-4
Event Fantendo Football League
FTV Man of the Match YoshiEgg Nook, Team Nook

First Half

  • 09' - Mario (FRK) shoots and hits the bar.
  • 18' - Sonic (FRK) turns, before a great save from William Scratch (TNK).
  • 19' - After a long throw from William Scratch (TNK), CrackedEgg Nook (TNK) beats Baby Mario (FRK) and scores from Team Nook. 1-0.
  • 26' - The Groo (TNK) is tackled on the left wing, letting Baby Waluigi (FRK) run at Tulip Nook (TNK). Baby Waluigi passes her and passes to Ztarnoir (FRK) and scores the leveller. 1-1.
  • 43' - Akro Bat (FRK) scores. The Nook players are wanting an off-side. The goal stands and it's 2-1.

Half Time

  • At Half Time it's 2-1 to Team Freaky.

Second Half

  • 61' - Sonic (FRK) hits the post.
  • 65' - YoshiEgg Nook (TNK) hits the bar.
  • 66' - Bloop (TNK) hits the post.
  • 69' - YoshiEgg Nook (TNK) forces a great save from McBoo (FRK)
  • 73' - YoshiEgg Nook (TNK) hits the post, before he scores to make it 2-2.
  • 76' - YoshiEgg Nook (TNK) scores again. A great ball from Bloop (TNK) helps him on his way to goal number two. 3-2.
  • 79' - YoshiEgg Nook (TNK) scores his hat-trick. 4-2.
  • 85' - YoshiEgg Nook (TNK) hits the bar.
  • 89' - Sonic (FRK) scores a free-kick. 4-3.
  • 90' - Five Minutes added on.
  • 90+4' - Sonic (FRK) hits the bar, before putting his shot wide.

Full Time

  • It's all over at Team Freaky 3-4 Team Nook.

Lios Lions v Moose

Lios Lions v Moose
Final Score
Event Fantendo Football League
FTV Man of the Match Coming soon

First Half

  • 15' - TBA turns and scores from 15 yards. 1-0.
  • 18' - TBA scores again! A volley from 25 yards. 2-0.
  • 21' - TBA scores his hat-trick. A free-kick from 21 yards. 3-0.
  • 29' - Amber Amber scores a header from a corner. 4-0.
  • 39' - Ella Metals scores a cross-shot aimed at Benjiman Metals, however it's a goal. 5-0

Half Time

  • At Half-Time Lios Lions are running away with it, after 5 goals.

Second Half

  • 47' - Moon hits the top corner with a 35 yarder. 5-1.
  • 54' - Porkchop smashes it into the roof of the net. 5-2.
  • 65' - Samuel Think headers his first and his teams sixth into the net. 6-2.
  • 78' - Donny Metals from the edge of the box scores a volley. 7-2.
  • 90'+4 - Tango Jr. makes it 7-3, in a very good game.

Full Time

The highest scoring Fantendo Football League game. Ten goals - seven for Lios Lions and three for Moose. A huge boost for Lios Lions.

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