Steel v Tone
Final Score
Event Fantendo Football League
FTV Man of the Match TBA
Flame TV Sports
FTV Sports
FTV Sports HD
FTV Sports 3D
Presented By Luigi
YoshiEgg Nook (Outfield Player Specialist)
Clyde (Outfield Player Specialist)
McBoo (Goalkeeper Specialist)
Commentators "Richy"
Number of Viewers TBA
Man of the Match TBA
Match Rating TBA

Steel v Tone is a Fantendo Football League match. It's a game shown on Flame TV Sports, Flame TV Sports HD and Flame TV Sports 3D. The show was presented by Luigi, with guests being Clyde, YoshiEgg Nook and McBoo. If Steel won the match they were the first league Champions. Tone were battling for fourth spot - and a place in the end of season matches against real world teams, joining Steel, Flame-Scotland and the side that came 3rd.



  • The pitch was relayed, due to the poor standard.

League Season


  • If Steel Win They Are Champions.

4th Spot

  • Steel have got at least a top two finish - with Flame-Scotland.

The Match




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