Lios Lions V Nook
Final Score Lios Lions 3-3 Nook
Event Fantendo Football League
Ground The Vine Den
Attendance 63,876
Daisy Metals Man of the Match Andy Pasta
Team Lios Lions

The match between Team Lios Lions and Team Nook was a closley contested match in the Fantendo Football League.

It was on TV, F.F.L. Mega Match LIVE, and was the second match in the Fantendo Football League.


The Day Before

Frost appears over the Vine Den and the game could be postponed, the underfloor heating is the only hope now.


Team Lions Lions

We have a mixture of old and young players and I hope that will give us the advantage today!
Stelios7 (tbc), Team Lios Lions manager.

We trained to victory! I wish to say that again, when the game ends. It's On!
Donny Metals Lios Lions Left-Back.

Team Nook

The Match


Team Lios Lions win the coin toss and kick-off.

First Half


Team Nook kick-off.

Second Half


After the Game


Team Lios Lions

We could of and should of won. That's all I have to say.

Team Lions Lions Manager.

Team Nook

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