Lios Lions v Freaky
Final Score
Event Fantendo Football League
FTV Man of the Match TBA
Flame TV Sports
FTV Sports
FTV Sports HD
FTV Sports 3D
Presented By Luigi
YoshiEgg Nook
Commentators "Richy"
Number of Viewers TBA
Man of the Match TBA
Match Rating TBA

The match between Lios Lions and Freaky is a game in season one off the Fantendo Football League. It was broadcast live on FTV Sports 1, FTV Sports HD1 and FTV Sports 3D.


Both teams were pushing for a top four spot - with Lios Lions only needing 4 points to claim their spot with Steel and Flame-Scotland. Freaky are in a battle with PushoPoke and Nook for fourth spot.

The Game

  • TBA hits it from 25 yards, only for the ball to end up in the stand. (10')
  • Football Ball Superb strike from Ghoularry, from all 30 yards. Little Mac had no chance - as the ball swerved at the last minute. Lios Lions 0-1 Freaky. (21')
  • Yellow Card A melee breaks out on the pitch, after a poor tackle by Ella Metals. Ella Metals has been booked. (34')
  • Yellow Card Samuel Think booked after the melee. (34')
  • Yellow Card Akro Bat booked after the melee. (35')
  • At half-time it's still Lios Lions 0-1 Freaky.
  • Red Card Samuel Think gets him self set off after a two footed tackled in the penalty box on Ztarnoir. (53')
  • Missed Pen Football Horrid penalty. Ghoularry puts it high in the sky. (54')
  • Red Card Baby Wario has just taken Benjiman Metals out! The red card is straight out and he leaves the pitch. (67')
  • Football Ball What A Goal! From the free-kick Donny Metals just turns the ball past McBoo. 1-1. (69')
  • Football Ball Oh my word. A huge hit by Amber Amber from 45 yards, tickles the top corner of the net. 2-1 Lios Lions! (78')
  • Football Ball That's That. A tap in from 6 yards ends the game. Andy Pasta's cross was good enough for TBC to get on the end of it. 3-1 (89')
  • At Full time it's a great win for Lios Lions - pretty much confirming them in the top four. For Freaky they can still push on for a win somewhere else.

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