Illogical v Nook
Final Score
Event Fantendo Football League
FTV Man of the Match TBA
Flame TV Sports
FTV Sports
FTV Sports HD
FTV Sports 3D
Presented By Luigi
Commentators "Richy"
Number of Viewers TBA
Man of the Match TBA
Match Rating TBA

Illogical v Nook was a match in season one of the Fantendo Football League. Shown live on FTV Sports 1, HD1 and in 3D.

First Half

  • Football Ball Pi.EXE scores from 20 yards to start the game well for his team. 1-0 (1')
  • Football Ball Overman Supreme hits a 35 yard volley. 1-1 (4')
  • Football Ball Overman Supreme scores his second of the game a well worked team goal. 2-1 (14')
  • Football Ball Overman Supreme smashes his hat-trick, from 45 yards. A huge hit. 3-1 (21')
  • Football Ball Heart scores a tap in after a corner. 3-2 (35')
  • Football Ball 3.14 scores a free-kick from 35 yards. 3-3(43')
  • At half-time it's 3-3.

Second Half

  • Yellow Card Heart has been shown a yellow card and gives away a spot kick. (61')
  • Missed Pen Football Bloop smashes his shot against the crossbar and his rebound goes wide. (64')
  • Red Card Poor tackle from Spectur sees him sent-off. (69')
  • Football Ball Game & Cactus scores a hugely great goal. A 60 yard punt down the pitch ends up in the net. 4-3 (79')
  • The referee blows his whistle early, but it's a win for Illogical and a bad day for Nook.

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