Team Flame-Scotland v Team Nutty
Final Score
Event Fantendo Football League
FTV Man of the Match TBA
FTV Sports
FTV Sports
FTV Sports HD
FTV Sports 3D
Presented By "Richy"
YoshiEgg Nook (Pundit)
McBoo (Pundit)
Commentators Henry the Moose
Ella Metals
Number of Viewers TBA
Man of the Match TBA
Match Rating TBA

Team Flame-Scotland v Team Nutty is a game in the first season of the Fantendo Football League. Flame-Scotland are battling for the league title. "Soap" and "Richy" were in the studio at the Flame Stadium - they were joined by YoshiEgg Nook (of Team Nook) and McBoo (of Team Freaky). Ella Metals (of Team Lios Lions) and Henry the Moose (of Moose FC) were the commentators. It was broadcast on FTV Sports 1, FTV Sports HD1, FTV Sports 3D and FTV Sports' Website.


The Match was postponed, and played at a later date.


  • 3' - Clyde powers down the wing and chips the 'keeper. 1-0.
  • 9' - Flame shoots and it's 2-0.
  • 36' - King Boo scores from the spot to make it 3-0.
  • 67' - Fire Master turns past 3 defenders before scoring a 4th.
  • 79' - Snow Master scores from 32 yards. 5-0.
  • 89' - Yoshi makes it 6-0.
  • 90' - Clyde makes it a huge 7-0.
  • FT - A great win for Flame-Scotland to push on towards a league championship.