Flame-Scotland v Freaky
Final Score Flame-Scotland 4-4 Freaky
Event Fantendo Football League
Ground Flame Stadium
Attendance 87,435
FTV Man of the Match Clyde

The match between Team Flame-Scotland and Team Freaky was a match in the Fantendo Football League

It was on TV, Fantendo Sports Show LIVE, and was the first ever match in the Fantendo Football League.


The Day Before

Ground Staff clear the Flame Stadium, to get rid of snow.


Team Flame-Scotland

We're ready for them. We're prepared to go out there and win, but not only that - to play well. We know the pitch was only cleared yesterday, but we can cope. The team have bonded well, and we're ready to get the three points.
Clyde1998 (tbc), Team Flame-Scotland manager.

It's great for the club, for the first game to be played with us - at home. If we can will it'll be a great start to the season. We know the league'll be hard, but we know we can win matches - well and with ease. I don't think it'll be easy today, but we can only go out for the points.
Clyde, Team Flame-Scotland captain.

Team Freaky

The Match


Team Freaky take the first kick-off of the FFL.

First Half


Team Flame-Scotland kick-off.

Second Half


After the Game


Team Flame-Scotland

We failed to get the points, a final minute goal gave them the draw. We wanted a win, and that's something we didn't get. We were lucky that it wasn't 8, or 9-4. We rode our luck.
Clyde1998 (tbc), Team Flame-Scotland manager.

A hat-trick to start the season, but only a point. We're looking the make our season build on the goals, but our defence might need some work done on it. We're maybe looking at a top three finish at the end of the season, but to get there it's work, work, work. Also the pitch was fine after a clear up yesterday - nothing that made the pitch bad. The match was good, just the points was a bad point.
Clyde, Team Flame-Scotland captain.

A poor way to start the season - chucking it away at the end.
Flame, Team Flame-Scotland.

A exciting start to say the least - but we should have maybe of had the points. They derive the draw.
Banana Jr., Team Flame-Scotland.

Team Freaky

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