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This is the official loan list for the Fantendo Football League. Players can be taken from this list and put into another team - upon acceptance from that teams manager.

Team Flame-Scotland (Clyde1998 (tbc))


  • Lynwood Hunter
  • Lev Kozlov
  • Adam Merle
  • Tit Kozlov


  • Viktor Konstantinov (RB)
  • Kuzma Bogomolov (RB)
  • Kyran Quigg (RB)
  • Oluf Carlsen (RB)
  • Braidy Danell (CB)
  • Victor Sempers (CB)
  • Vikenti Krupin (CB)
  • Borislav Polzin (CB)
  • Eachann O'Neal (LB)
  • Heribert Krauss (LB)
  • Lavrenty Kohut (LB)


  • Adelbert Eichel (RM)
  • Fulbert Lane (RM)
  • Kalle Lehtonen (RM)
  • Driscoll Herbertson (CM)
  • Waldo Pocock (CM)
  • Earle York (CM)
  • Pierrick Boyd (LM)
  • Sasha Utkin (LM)
  • Yevheniy Mihaylov (LM)
  • Angelino Busto (LM)


  • Vince Spalding
  • Clifton Christopher
  • Mathis Steinmann
  • Marinus Aakster

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