Fantendo Fighters uses a simplified version of the movesets in the Super Smash Bros. series, with directional inputs changing the attack used, with multiple types of attacks depending on what the fighter is doing while using it.


Specials Ground Attacks Air Attacks
  • Neutral: Thunder Shock
  • Forward: Midas Rush
  • Up: Volt Ball
  • Down: Dual Sparks
  • Neutral: Beorn Punch
  • Forward: Electricity Kick
  • Up: Uppercut
  • Down: Golden Thorns
  • Neutral: Shock Kick
  • Forward: Golden Leaf
  • Up: Upward Headbutt
  • Down: Downward Headbutt


Specials Ground Attacks Air Attacks
  • Neutral: Fire Toss
  • Forward: Fireball Rush
  • Up: Fire Tornado
  • Down: Fire Barrier
  • Neutral: Fireball
  • Forward: Flame Claws
  • Up: Fire Sphere
  • Down: Spin Kick
  • Neutral: Fire Wave
  • Forward: Claw Swipe
  • Up: Comet
  • Down: Downward Kick


Specials Ground Attacks Air Attacks
  • Neutral: Green Fireball
  • Forward: Hammer Spin
  • Up: Hammer Propeller

Down: Power-up

  • Neutral: Hammer Swipe
  • Forward: Super Kick
  • Up: Hammer Uppercut
  • Down: Hammer Downcut
  • Neutral: Mid-air Kick
  • Forward: Hammer Chop
  • Up: Upper Kick
  • Down: Hammer Smash

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