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  • Lolo: Wow! It’s Unten! The mascot of Fantendo!
  • General Climber: He’s one of the last members of the Beorn tribe! He’s a very balanced fighter so he doesn’t have many advantages or disadvantages.
  • Nana: Aww! He’s so cute I wish I could just reach out and touch him!
  • General Climber: I wouldn’t do that, he’s a very close range character so getting in too close will make you a sorry climber! In fact, he was given the power to defeat Deities, which are extremely powerful foes!
  • Condor: He's not exactly the toughest looking opponent, considering he’s just a blue teddy bear!
  • Popo: Remind me to buy a new can of Condor-Repellant!
  • Lala: I’ve heard he was saved by someone named Dongorio when he was just an infant! Is this true?
  • Popo: Well, that’s the legend, but who knows if it’s true!
  • Lolo: I can't wait to take this guy on!
  • Condor: And then you'll just lose 10 seconds later...
  • General Climber : Condor's probably right.
  • Lolo & Lala : HEY!


  • Lolo: Hey, who’s that kid?
  • General Climber: That’s Fyre. As you can probably guess, his main attacks involve fire.
  • Condor: Thanks for the News Flash, General Obvious!
  • General Climber: As I was saying, Fyre can use a variety of fire attacks that he keeps up his sleeve, including Fire Toss, Fireball Rush, and Fire Tornado!
  • Nightblaze: And he’s the best of the best! He’s very swift, and his fire ability is no joke!
  • Nana: We all know you're one of Fyre's allies, but if I’m correct I’ve heard that he has low defense?
  • Nightblaze: Well, yes, it’s true!
  • Popo: You’ve got this guy no problem!
  • Lala: That’s easy for you to say! Your main powers involve ice, which is melted by heat.
  • Popo: So, you can use your Dark Jump to avoid his fire, than hit him with Dark Shot to make him unconscious!
  • General Climber: Then charge up your Dark Beam! Good plan Popo!
  • Condor: Good, but not good enough! Lolo and Lala definitely aren’t skilled enough to pull THAT off!
  • Lolo: Who’s side are you on?!
  • Nightblaze: Wait, we both use dark magic!
  • Lala: And?
  • Nightblaze: I just wanted to point that out...


  • Lolo: Hmmm…
  • General Climber: What’s wrong, Lolo?
  • Lolo: I’m hungry…
  • Popo: Really!
  • Condor: If you’re hungry for defeat, then you’ve come to the right opponent.
  • Lala: General Climber, what do you know about this foe?
  • General Climber: Honestly, not that much! But it seems Condor knows a lot about him!
  • Condor: Oh, I do! But, do you think I’d just tell?
  • Nana: Nope! That’s why I studied Blade last night! He is a very close range fighter, with absolutely no projectiles, so shooting from a distance is key with this fighter!
  • Condor: How convenient that you are telling these two bothers about their opponent.
  • Popo: His Leaf Blade is a powerful slash move with a plant aspect!
  • Nana: He can also use Night Slash on opponents!
  • General Climber: Can you come over and teach me more about this foe?
  • Nana: Sure!
  • Lolo: I just have one question.
  • Nana: What is it?
  • Lolo: Where is my snack?
  • Condor: OH, COME ON!
  • General Climber: A true fighter never gets hungry during a fight!
  • General Climber: Uh... no.


  • Lolo: A teddy bear? Not exactly the most intimidating opponent.
  • General Climber: Well, yes, Bowie is a teddy bear.
  • Condor: I bet he’s stronger than YOU!
  • Popo: Anyway, Bowie can attack using rocks and physical moves
  • Lala: So… he’s a physical teddy bear that attacks you with rocks… remind me never to buy another green teddy bear…
  • General Climber: He also has bow & arrows and elemental powers!
  • Lolo: I get it! Looks can be deceiving!
  • Nana: He also-
  • Lolo: I don’t care, Nana!
  • Nana: has poor defenses.
  • Lala: Finally, some good news!
  • Lolo: Yay!


  • Lolo: If I’m not mistaken, that’s Ashe, correct?
  • General Climber: Yep! He’s Bowie’s son, and is ready to put on a fight!
  • Condor: Not exactly the BEST father son bonding time… But there is worse!
  • Nana: Ashe’s the complete OPPOSTITE of Bowie. He has great defenses but terrible physical power!
  • Lala: Hard to believe they’re related!
  • Popo: Back to the fight! Ashe can use his Ashe Arrow to hit you from a distance!
  • Lolo: Boy, do people come up with the best names for weapons.
  • General Climber: His main element is water! He uses this in a variety of attacks!
  • Nana: I hear he’s always depicted as lazy! Since when is using hydrokinesis lazy?
  • Lala: I don’t know, but I guess it explains why he has poor physical power!
  • General Climber: He’s known to be savage to intruders, so you must be able to use your Dark Shot at the right time!
  • Condor: Ha! I like this guy!
  • Popo: Why do we even let you in here, Condor?


  • Popo: Wow, an ordinary painter. This fight will certainly be easy.
  • Lolo: Hey, I had the same thought!
  • General Climber: That’s no ordinary Painter, nor paintbrush
  • Lala: What do you mean?
  • General Climber: This is Sketch. His paintbrush, the Soul Brush, contains the power of Pincelle. Pincelle's a spirit of an Artizzian
  • Lolo: Wow, that’s dark. Even for me!
  • Condor: I hope you like being colorful, because he knows how to shoot paint!
  • Lala: Well, I have been getting tired of the color grey.
  • Nana: Glad I’m not there! Pink is my favorite color!
  • Lolo: Honestly, I think you’d look better in red.
  • General Climber: Either way, just watch your parkas. They’ll get more color then a coloring book within seconds!


  • Lolo: Wait, isn’t that Jake?
  • General Climber: Yep! He’s the ninth Twelfth of the Al’s inside a computer program.
  • Nana: Fun fact! Did you know he’s the ninth Twelfth because his birthday is September 1st?
  • Lala: Yes, we knew that.
  • Lolo: We know a lot about him.
  • Popo: Enough fun facts. Let’s get back to the fight at hand.
  • General Climber: He’s not a good fighter on his own, so he can summon many enemies he’s encountered over the years. He’s also a top-tier hacker!
  • Condor: Ha! Even the BEST hacker ever couldn’t make you two better fighters!
  • Lala: Why do you guys let Condor in here anyway?
  • General Climber: He’s like a cockroach. No matter what you do, you can’t get rid of him! When you get back, you’ll learn to live with it.
  • Popo: We all had to.
  • Lolo: I really hope I can get his autograph after the fight
  • Nana: It probably won't be much trouble for him.

Kid Kiba

  • Lolo: GAH! A vampire!
  • Popo: That’s Kid Kiba. Why are you so jumpy?
  • Lala: Ever since he was a kid, he’s had a fear of vampires.
  • General Climber: That aside, he’s a very proficient flyer. He can turn into a bat to fly higher.
  • Lolo: Lalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalala
  • Condor: And he can bit you and suck your blood taking your health and replenishing his! He’s also very swift so he can reach you on the battlefield in no time.
  • Lolo: Stop! STOP!
  • Lala: Condor, quite scaring Lolo.
  • Condor: It’s so much fun! I should have used this against him when we battled!
  • Nana: Next time you fight Kid Kiba, I’ll get you a special medicine that makes him look like a teddy bear.
  • Lolo: N-Next time?!?! *Gulp*


  • Popo: Hold on! This guy looks like a cross between a Boo and a Bob-Omb!
  • Lolo: What kind of mutant is this?
  • General Climber: Haha! That’s Bombell! He’s a Bomb Boo and loves puzzle games!
  • Nana: You’d think a Boo that can explode would like something other than puzzles!
  • Condor: Well, at least he CAN do puzzles. You guys are so dumb, I’d be surprised if you could beat one for ages 3 and under!
  • Lala: Said the Condor with a brain the size of a pea!
  • Condor: My brain is much bigger! How do you think I come up with all of these insults?
  • Popo: Internet?
  • General Climber: Anyway, back to the fight! He knows how to explode! And it will hurt!
  • Nana: He also takes recoil damage from exploding, sort of like a certain Pokémon when it uses electric attacks.
  • Lolo: I don’t get it! How does someone from a puzzle game join the fight?
  • Condor: How do wimps like you get into the fight?
  • Nana: I guess you kinda walked into that one.
  • Popo: He also has good range because he can shoot Bomblobs, too.
  • Lala: I guess you could say he’s a bit of a fuse head, am I right?
  • General Climber: Never tell another joke again.

Alice Harumi

  • Lolo: Wh-who is she?
  • General Climber: That’s Alice Harumi, the master of spring!
  • Lolo: So, if I gave her flowers, she’d be happy?
  • Nana: Does somebody have a crush?
  • Lolo: ….
  • Popo: Earth to Lolo!
  • Condor: What’s the problem? He’s always like this. Empty minded.
  • Lolo: Uh… I do not have a crush on her!
  • Nana: I do like her dress. It’s pretty!
  • General Climber: She can make patches of cherries petals that slow you down, and is very balanced.
  • Lolo: Yeah, yeah. I have a question.
  • Popo: What is it?
  • Lolo: Is she single?
  • Nana: So you do have a crush!
  • Lolo: I do not!


  • Lolo: This fighter is very creepy…
  • General Climber: This is Reptflux. He’s the most powerful creature in the universe!
  • Condor: How funny! We have the strongest AND the weakest fighters!
  • General Climber: : Don’t worry. When joining the battle, he was forced to constrain his power so he doesn't dominate every fighter he comes up against.
  • Lala: That’s a relief!
  • Popo: His eye is his weak point. Try to shoot Dark Shot from midair into his eye. That’ll ruin his day!
  • Nana: You will need to use a lot of Dark Shot and Dark Beam because if you touch him, you take a little bit of damage.
  • Lolo: Got it!
  • General Climber: Did you know he’s made out of pure energy?
  • Condor: Something you two don’t have!
  • Lolo: You're starting to lose your good insults, Condor.
  • Condor: Well... you two are as good of a fighter as you are with good fashion. You stink! Darn! I'm losing my touch!

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