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This is a fighting game, with fantendo charecters, and villians from all over the Fantendoverse. You can join in the fun if you want to. And, you will be in for a ride. Sorry for the language).

Main Story

This man known as the Ultimax is trying to make a tournament so that all the fantendo characters, heroes, villians, and neutral will all be conquered by fighting each other so he will rule over the Fantendoverse. But, some won't have that like Unten, X, and Julian. This  story will be continued as you fight through the story.

For Your Info

  • You guys can request characters and post their description and weapons and power. And I in return, will make the moveset.
  • You can also request fights in the comments. But, you have to go against someone else that agrees with the challenge.
  • Everyone will have evil versions of themselves.

Characters, Weapons, and Moveset


Weapon: Raidiant Sword


  • Slash
  • Kick
  • Starshot
  • Star Torent
  • Sword Boomerang - He throws his sword at his opponent, and it comes back to him.
  • Sword Does It For You - He throws his sword at the opponent and it starts spinning in the air, hitting the opponent multiple times.
  • Flipkick


Weapon: "Bear" Claws


Weapon: Dest Blade

Fucky McFuckerson:

Weapon: Swearing

  • F**k -
  • D***it -
  • S**t -
  • ss -
  • C**t -


Weapon: Censoring and Paws (since she's a dog, atleast I think she is...).


Weapon: Claws (She's half cat), Wings (She has a goose on her back), and Nature powers (she protects nature).



Openings and Victories

X "The Angst Holding Antisocialist of the Stars"


  • Hmph, I have to go against you?!
  • Gah, stupid jerk, I hate you!
  • I already know the outcome of this battle.
  • I will emerge victorious!


  • Just try me!
  • You were screwed when you decided to fight me.
  • Hmph.........
  • Mabye I took this a bit to far........

Unten "The Blue Beast in the Red Heat"


  • Hey everyone, it's your favorite teddy bear, Unten!
  • Full force, fight on!
  • The victor will be decided by who beholds the truth.
  • Sorryfor the wait!


  • Sorry but a mascot's got to do what a mascot's got to do!
  • Strength didn't get me through this battle alone.
  • I almost didn't make it.
  • I can't lose here!

Julian "The Traveler with a Sister Complex":


  • Let's start!
  • I'm not holding back!
  • Zero, help me today!


  • Hmph.......
  • Let's keep this up!
  • You must make life the best before it fades away.

Fucky McFuckerson "The Swearing Pottymouth Jockie":


  • I never get anything out of these types of fucking situations!
  • Gotdammit, I ran into another opponent!
  • Mother of......!


  • Shit, that hurt!
  • You bastard, you almost got yourself killed.
  • Hell yeah, I won!

Skye "The Demanding Censorship Queen":


  • Take me likely and you'll be in for a surprise.
  • I'll show you what true kindness is. After I kick you a... er.. I mean butt.
  • I'll never curse in my life and I won't let you either.


  • Oh, it's already over?
  • I told you I'd win.
  • Please let us meet again to fight each other, because this was fun.

Shecally and Goslia "The Pretentious Nature Duo"


  • Man, I would not want to be you today.
  • Nature calls for a hero.
  • Mother Nature? I've only heard of Shecally.


  • I was almost having too much fun.
  • Let's do this again some time.
  • Man, you suck at this.

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