Fantendo Fight World is a brand new fighting game made by SuperSonicDarkness using Fantendo characters.


The gameplay is similar to Mortal Kombat, but with more Super Smash Bros styled movesets. More info on the gameplay will be revealed later.

Starter CharactersEdit

Image Name Description Franchise
Unten FFW Unten Unten is a young Beorn and the mascot of Fantendo. He uses his sword, the Beorn Reaper, and electricity to attack. He also can get help from Fanti.  TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR (series)
Data FFW Data Data was a normal boy until he became a cyborg, and now he defends the streets of Mega City from criminals and robots. He can transform his cyborg arms into weaponry such as blades and guns.  Kode Kid (series)
Starla FFW Starla The princess of the Starlet kingdom, Starla uses energy blasts and telekenesis to attack. She also can fly and summon Starlets to help her during battle. Starlet Quest (series)