Fantendo Fatals is an upcoming fighting game using Fantendo characters for the Darkray Unlimited.


The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros, but Final Smashes aren't present, and there are health bars instead of damage counters.

Playable Characters


Image Character Description Franchise
Cunten Unten The beorn hero is here to fight! He uses elemental powers for attacks, which he gets from Elemental Orbs.  TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR
ZeritaNvF3D Zerita Zerita's Catonea friend jumps into the battle! Her attacks mostly include powerful claw strikes, and she is one of the faster characters in the game.  TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR
NetnuNew Netnu Unten's worst enemy, he fights with his laser monacle and can use his fire energy to attack. TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR
DataYE Data The fearless Cyber Warrior is online and ready to go! His attacks mostly consist of blasts from his arm cannon or turning his arm into weapons he can use in battle.  Kode Kid
Mika sho 2014 Mika Sho The girl with the fire power is ready for combat! She uses her natural powers over fire to attack opponents. The Adventures of Mika Sho
Sqauv Squav

The Squavocado leader is here to fight! He fights with his light powers. 

A Nutty Adventure
Flip Flip The friendly frog is ready to get fatal! He attacks with his banjo or can get help from Cobby.  Flip the Frog
YErubberYE Rubber Rubber is ready to rumble! aliteration for the win.  He fights with his spike-fist-hand thing and can transform into other weapons as well.  Rubber Quest
3.14NvF3D 3.14 The pie-loving guy is ready for action! He can throw pies at people or flip between 2D and 3D, making him a unique fighter. 3.14


Image Character Description Franchise How to Unlock
White(AoW) White A brave young Popopo, he uses his weapons such as his staff, splash potions, or his Dragoon.  The Adventures of White TBA



Name Description Franchise
Fatal Arena A simple stage, no hazards here! Fantendo Fatals

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