Fantendo Fanon Designing Group
indicative of the group
Type of Company Group of drawers
Founder(s) user:Simpson55
Founded at/in 11/17/2013
No. of Employee(s) list present on the page
 Fantendo Fanon Designing Group (FFDG) is a group of drawers created by user:Simpson55 in order to help all users inexperienced with the computer art.

Simpson55 (tbc)


List of drawers

If you need help to complete your article with pictures, you can ask to one of these drawers :


Some rules

  • Obviously, you must respect the work of the drawers.
  • Please give credits to the drawers on your article if one of them makes a picture for you.

If you need help with pictures

Ask directly to one of the drawers or ask here.


If you want to join this group

Ask in the comments, ask Simpson55 or ask here.



If someone (member of the group or simple user) want to exhibit his masterpieces, put it here!

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