Fantendo Emblem: The Dark Rising is a strategy RPG based on the popular Nintendo series, Fire Emblem. The game takes place in Whitya, which was attacked by a legion of people that were banned from the kingdom known as the The Banished. The prince of the kingdom, Lorean escaped alongside the Cleric Lexi and Pupil Aria. The trio goes to the other four kingdoms to gather a troop strong enough to defeat the Banished.

Despite the similar names, this game is not related with Fantendo Emblem. The gameplay elements of Fantendo Emblem: The Dark Rising are based on the GBA installments of the Fire Emblem series, most specific, The Sacred Stones.


Prologue: A Fallen Kingdom

Chapter 1: The First Steps

Chapter 2: Path to the Blade

Chapter 3: The Brotherhood

Chapter 4: Battle of Fandroxia

Chapter 5: Hellfire

Chapter 5x: Tales of a Gyspy

Chapter 6: The Magical Trio

Chapter 6x: A Tale of A Trio

Chapter 7: A Magical Girl

Chapter 8: The Lady from the South

By the end of Chapter 8, the paths are separted. The player has to pick one of the paths, either Lorean's path or Evangeline's path. Lorean's chapters are the Chapter XA and Evangeline's chapters are Chapter XB.

Chapter 9A: A Good Aim

Chapter 9B: The Shy Shaman

Chapter 10A: A City on the Skies

Chapter 10B: Bow and Arrow

Chapter 11A: A Sketch of the Clouds

Chapter 11B: Ignite the Flames

After Chapter 11, both lords unite.

Chapter 12: The Secret of the Stone

Chapter 12x: Ambush!

Chapter 13: A Path Towards the Banished

Chapter 13x: The Banished, Years Before

Chapter 14: The Final Confrotation

Chapter 15: A New Threat

Epilogue: End of the First Generation

Chapter 16: The Return of the Banished

Chapter 17: Tales from the Crypt

Chapter 18: Uncharted Seas

Chapter 19: The Assasin from the West

Chapter 20: Glory

Chapter 21: Whitya

Chapter 22: The Blacksmith

Chapter 23: By the Flame and the Sword

Chapter 24: The Hero of the Nightmares

Chapter 25: Twist

Chapter 26: The Kingdom of Hopes

Chapter 27: Trump Card

Chapter 28: The Lord and the Lady

Chapter 29: Lorean

Chapter 30: Eva

Epilogue: The Banished

Chapter 31: The Children of Heroes

Chapter 32: Fandroxian



Playable Units

Character Class Description Starting Items Recruited in
Lorean Lord A very young and wise prince who is trying to get his people free from the Banished. SwordIconFE2 Master's Sword (45/30) Prologue
Lexi Cleric A healer who was friends with the prince since they were kids. She wants to help the prince on his quest. HealIconFE Heal (30/20) Prologue
Aria Pupil Aria is a very promising trainee who is training magic since she was four years old. That said, she is a very serious person. FireIconFE Fire (40/25) Prologue
Chapter 1
Ignis Archer A very smart archer who at sometimes lacks common sense. A nice person but also a person that with a hot temper. IronBowIcon Iron Bow (45/25) Chapter 1
Julius Monk Julius is a quiet person who prefers focusing on his goal than pratice his social skills. LightIconFE Light (35/15) Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Chapter 2

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